Soon Barcelona will be sold…the club made a funny move today

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Hey Koura – The title may be somewhat exaggerated, but the truth is that today’s news is shameful and funny at the same time.

One of the economic geniuses in Laporta’s administration suggested selling the stadium’s grass to the public for $20…!

Such small things are shameful for the club because the things that the club does not need are supposed to be provided to the loyal fans for free as a kind of souvenir. Here we mean people who have high annual tickets, but the economic creativity within the club led them to this wonderful invention. Success.

Some believe that Al Madi has the right to receive even one euro, as he needs every amount, but Al Madi’s giant image in front of millions, companies and the media will be shaken by such actions that the weakest clubs in the world would not undertake.

The confusion continues and the randomness continues, and had it not been for achieving the league last season, the club would have been exposed to a historic psychological and financial collapse

In conclusion, everyone wants to see Barcelona strong personally, financially, and technically, but with the current administration, the situation is under high doubts.

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