Solutions at the Zamalek coach’s table after Ahmed Fattouh’s injury

Ahmed Fattouh’s injury brought disturbing news to the Egyptian national team and club ZamalekAfter leaving the Egyptian national team camp, which is preparing to face Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers scheduled to be held in the United States and its neighbors Canada and Mexico.

On this basis, the technical staff of the Pharaohs national team decided to summon Al-Ahly’s full-back Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed To replace Zamalek’s full-back in the current camp conducted by Hossam Hassan in preparation for the two matches.

It is not known how serious Ahmed Fattouh’s injury is; But his injury does not bode well, and he may miss at least several matches, given that it is not the first time he has injured his ankle, in addition to several recurring muscle injuries. Therefore, Zamalek only has to think of other solutions and prepare to repeat this scenario repeatedly until the end of the Egyptian season. Long stretch!

Zamalek has several solutions that may be limited to 4, although all of them are less good than the ideal scenario of having Fattouh with the Cairo giant.

1- Omar Jaber…left back

Omar Gaber is one of the solutions that Jose Gomez used with Zamalek when Fattouh is absent, but the problem with this solution is that Omar Gaber is in a very special technical condition on the right side in recent months and it is a loss for the team to miss his services in the position in which he is good.

Because all solutions are less good than the presence of Fattouh, the loss can be reduced if Gomez begins to use Mohamed Shehata as a right-back, and receives repeated training sessions in this position, which would greatly reduce the loss of Omar Gaber in his position. In fact, Mohamed Shehata may even surpass him in this place, given his more distinguished artistic abilities than Jaber in general.

But this solution will cause Zamalek to lose the Olympic team midfielder in his preferred position in the midfield, which Zamalek will need him more than ever after Ahmed Hamdy suffered a cruciate ligament tear that will leave him absent until the end of the year, which brings us to the second solution.

2- Relying on Mustafa Al-Zinari

A solution that many find annoying after Ahmed Fattouh’s injury. In any case, it depends on the extent of Al-Zanari’s readiness after suffering a muscle tear a month ago. Knowing that he has already returned to training, even if he felt slight pain upon his return, that return may be postponed for a week or two. Likewise, this solution depends on some amount. Al-Zanari will introduce him in the right-back position to maintain the presence of Mohamed Shehata as a midfielder.

Injury keeps Ahmed Fattouh out of the Egyptian national team in the Burkina Faso match in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers winwin (facebook/13Fatouh)

But there is another solution regarding Al-Znari, which is his inability to provide a good offensive role in all circumstances, and therefore if Gomez includes him, it may be worth fielding him as a left-back to be installed in this position while maintaining Omar Jaber’s distinguished offensive role as a right-back.

But another problem may arise with this amendment if Nasser Maher participates as a left winger and not Mustafa Shalabi, which is that the left front will not be of any real danger to Zamalek, which will increase the pressure on the right front of Gaber and Zizo.

3- Return to Ibrahima Ndiaye after Ahmed Fattouh’s injury

Is it more annoying than Mustafa El-Zenari’s solution? probably! The Senegalese winger’s participation as a left back in the Smouha and Future matches was disastrous, after he directly caused Zamalek to concede two goals, losing them 5 very valuable points on their difficult return to competing for the league title.

But Gomez may continue to believe in him as a solution, with Ndiai training intensively to take advantage of his good crosses and hoping to improve his defensive condition in addition to keeping the rest of the players in their positions.

4- Are there youth teams for Zamalek?

Disastrous is the idea of ​​a team remaining without an alternative left-back for nearly a season without thinking of looking through its youth teams.

Perhaps this increases the gravity of the decision to abandon Hatem Sukkar, as that disaster was accompanied by a Colombian coach who dreams of things greater than the capabilities of the left back of the Olympic team.

The current Ismaili player was a product of Zamalek’s youth teams, and perhaps this is what makes resorting to dissolving Zamalek’s Sunni teams a risky solution, but at least one of the white team’s full-backs can be promoted, and perhaps Gomez may find what he is looking for there.

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