Sofiane Amrabat makes fun of Tin Hag in his own way

Moroccan Sofiane Amrabat, the Fiorentina midfielder loaned to… Manchester United The Englishman expressed his deep regret for getting the opportunity to play a late start with the Red Devils during the current season’s competitions.

And he appeared Moroccan player He is approaching 28 years of age and started with Manchester United in the last two matches, after being excluded from the Red Devils’ squad for a long time, which prompted Sofiane Amrabat to say that he got his real chance with the English club late this season.

During the match against Arsenal, Amrabat succeeded in adding balance to the Manchester United midfield, and he also showed an amazing defensive performance against Newcastle United, with which he helped his team win the match 3-2, earning praise from critics in the match. Premier League.

Sofiane Amrabat’s most prominent moments were against Newcastle United, when he denied Anthony Gordon a certain goal, following an amazing defensive effort, which ended with the ball being cleared in a wonderful way before it reached Andre Onana’s goal.

Sofiane Amrabat is close to leaving Manchester United

Sofiane Amrabat commented on his participation in the recent matches by saying: “I am very happy that we won against Newcastle United. This is the most important thing, but of course, it is good to play as a starter even though I have not yet performed at the level I used to play at in the past years.” “.

The Moroccan star continued his statements to press reporters after the match: “I think this is my second match in which I played as a starter for 90 minutes in four or five months. I am very happy because I performed well and helped Manchester United win.”

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He continued: “Against Arsenal, we deserved more and we lost with great difficulty. The victory against Newcastle United will give us confidence in the next stage.” Regarding his expected future, he said: “I lived through a difficult period and got the opportunity to play as a starter after a long time. I was very patient, especially after being satisfied.” By pushing me for a minute or 10 minutes over the past weeks,” in statements that observers believe reflect his lack of conviction in Ten Hag’s decisions and signs of veiled sarcasm towards the Dutch coach.

Sofiane Amrabat concluded his words in a joking way, saying: “What is required of me is to work hard and wait for the opportunity. Perhaps the opportunity to play as a starter came a little late this season (laughs), but I am happy with it now.”

It is worth noting that it is not expected that Sofiane Amrabat’s brilliance against Arsenal and Newcastle United will affect Manchester United’s decision not to buy his contract permanently after the end of the current season’s competitions, amid the interest of several clubs in acquiring his services, most notably Fulham of England, Milan and Juventus of Italy, in addition to clubs from the Saudi League. .

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