Smart steps from the new Tunisian African President, Heikal Dakhil

The African Club’s Elders Committee decided yesterday, Tuesday, July 2, to assign a legal steering committee headed by Heikal Dakhil to manage the affairs of the club.New door“Until the end of the next football season 2024-25.

After being nominated as president of the capital club, Heikal Dakhil now realizes that he faces a difficult task to find quick solutions with the aim of saving the club from the current situation it is suffering from, after taking over the task from Youssef Al-Alami, who headed the team between 2021 and 2024.

Heikal Dakhil is responsible for rescuing the “Bab Jedid” team from the crisis it is going through, after losing its African prestige and the absence of local titles from the club’s coffers, in light of the financial crisis that the club is going through, burdened with debts and problems that have affected, in one way or another, the progress of the red and white caravan in local and continental championships in all sports.

Heikal Dakhil has already started to fix some issues and find serious solutions to improve the club’s situation, and some positive indicators have appeared during the past few days that show the seriousness of the new board of directors in achieving the club’s goals and meeting the fans’ aspirations, which we will highlight in the following report.

New Consultant and Debt Elimination

The African Club’s management committee is working to find new sources of funding to support the team’s treasury and provide the necessary funds for daily expenses and some other needs, the most important of which is paying the remaining player dues owed by the club and eliminating the African Club’s debts.

Heikal Dakhil announced the signing of a new sponsorship contract with an American advertiser worth 50 million Tunisian dinars (about 16 million US dollars) in a four-year contract.

This contract will allow the Bab Jedid club to benefit from four million dollars annually, equivalent to 12.5 million dinars. Thus, the African club will receive 16 million dollars (50 million dinars) over four years.

This contract comes after the expiration of the previous sponsorship contract with Qatar Airways, which prompted the club to search for a new sponsor to cover its urgent financial needs.

Moez Hassan, player of the Tunisian Club Africain

This contract comes at a critical time for the African Club, as it faces debts estimated at $3 million, including $1.5 million urgently due before July 15. This new contract is expected to help ease the financial burden on the club and support it in achieving financial and sporting stability in the near future.

Reviewing contracts and lifting the ban on contracts

The management of the African Club, headed by Hekal Dakhil, is preparing to lift the ban on signing contracts imposed by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) after paying the dues of many former players and coaches, perhaps the most important of which is the case of player Zakaria Al-Abidi.

The new coach’s file and the mercato are the most important tasks of the Dakhil Authority

Site flag win winThe African management has opened channels of communication with several coaches to take over the task of training its football team, succeeding coach Faouzi Benzarti; the most prominent of whom is the French coach Paul Le Guen. It has also decided to appoint Saber Khalifa as the sports director, who has begun searching for new players with the aim of strengthening the team’s lineup before the start of the new season.

Improving the relationship with the African fans

It seems that Heikal Dakhil wants to follow a new system during the coming period with former players and the media, in order to reconcile the fans and stay away from the quarrels that were a major reason for the fans’ attacks on the club’s stars after every match in which the team stumbles in the Tunisian Premier League or in African competitions, which was evident in his speech to the fans via the club’s official Facebook page.

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