Slimani’s glasses at Mahrez’s wedding set social media on fire

Slimani’s glasses made the event at his Algeria teammate’s wedding Riyad MahrezAnd it ignited social media among the Algerian fans who interacted with the new appearance of the historical scorer of the Warriors team.

Islam Slimani was among the most prominent invitees to Mahrez’s wedding with his wife, the English model Taylor Ward, which he held for the third time but in the Algerian style, after he had only held his marriage contract in the first, while in the second he had invited only his family members and some friends.

In addition to Slimani, Mahrez’s wedding was attended by another Algerian international, goalkeeper Rais Wahhab Mbolhi, as well as former “Greens” player Saphir Taider, who has not joined any team since July 2022, despite being under 32 years old.

Soleimani’s glasses make headlines on social media

Algerian fans interacted greatly on social media with Slimani’s glasses. Algeria national team player, Most of their comments were humorous and made fun of these glasses. One of the commentators wrote: “These are Othman Ariwat’s glasses,” referring to one of the greatest comedians in the history of Algeria.

Another commentator said: “Islam Ariwat”, and another commentator added: “Suleimani was done to by one of his friends, when he told him that his glasses are beautiful”, while a blogger commented saying: “Othman Ariwat in the movie Carnival in a Village”, referring to one of the most famous comedy films in the history of Algeria starring the great artist Othman Ariwat.

Most of the comments were comical and sarcastic, but within the limits of respect for the Algerian national team’s historical scorer, Slimani, who has given a lot to the “Greens” team, and contributed to its reaching the round of 16 of the World Cup in Brazil in 2014, in addition to winning the African Cup of Nations title in 2019.

A strong relationship brought together Bennacer and Pioli in Milan

Slimani is currently spending his time without a team after the end of his contract with the Belgian club Mechelen. Recently, reports have spread linking the Algerian international to a move to some clubs active in Europe, most notably the French club Auxerre, where former Algerian players such as Moussa Saib and Abdelhafid Tasfaout have excelled.

Returning to Slimani’s glasses, it is expected that they are of the expensive type, especially since the Algerian international is known for his love of fashion and wearing expensive things, similar to several football stars.

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