“Skillful breaks” raise the score of an Iraqi player with Casas

Spaniard Jesus Casas, the coach of the Iraqi national team, expressed his admiration for one of the skillful players in the Iraq Stars League recently, as he follows most of the competition’s matches, especially the popular ones, which are held in the capital, Baghdad, his current residence.

The sources told…win win“Casas has put in his notebook the Najaf team player, Muhammad Qasim, in order to invite him to the Iraqi team’s roster for the next two matches against Indonesia and Vietnam in the double Asian qualifiers for the World Cup and the Asian Cup.”

Casas is impressed by Kasem’s skills

The sources added: “Casas expressed his great admiration for the passes and skill breaks provided by the player Muhammad Qasim with the Najaf team, especially with the start of the second stage of the Iraq Stars League, as the player shone remarkably with his team, “Ghazlan Al Badia,” and contributed greatly to scoring many goals. Through his decisive passes and all these details, he raised the player’s credit with Casas.”

She continued: “The player Muhammad Qassem is aware of Casas’ interest in him, but at the same time he is calm and focused on his season with Najaf, especially since the team gave him enough space to regain his levels that had been absent for a long time for several reasons, including instability and frequent movement from one club to another, and this is the matter.” He contributed to his departure from the ranks of the Iraqi national team.”

The sources noted that Casas had previously watched video clips of the Iraqi national team and the great levels that Qasim had performed with the Al-Rafidain Lions earlier, and placed the player in his calculations, but the Spanish coach was not convinced enough to include him in the ranks of Iraq, especially since the player is not good at defensive roles because he is He tends to play forward and behind the striker.”

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Our source concluded by saying: “The player Muhammad Qasim, to a very large extent, will not continue with the Najaf team, and his next destination will be decided next summer, as it is hoped that he will move to another team inside Iraq or look at foreign offers, most notably offers from Iranian clubs.”

Muhammad Qasim (27 years old) played with The Iraqi national team 24 official matches, during which he scored two goals, and his most important match with the Al-Rafidain Lions was facing the Qatar national team in the Gulf Cup in 2019, when he scored a brace that led his country to victory in the match.

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