Shocking statistics regarding VAR technology in the English Premier League

Demands have increased over time to cancel the use of the mouse technology in the English Premier League starting next season, after the Wolverhampton Wanderers club, supported by some other clubs, submitted an official request to the Premier League, in order to drop the use of it.

Last May, Wolverhampton submitted a request to the League in which it stated: “This step came after careful consideration. We respect everyone, but after 5 seasons of VAR technology in the English Premier League, the time has come for a constructive and critical discussion. We must stop relying on it.” .

The video assistant referee technology, or what is called for short, was used.WAS) in the English Premier League since 2019, and although he helped achieve justice, he also created many controversies due to refereeing errors.

From the ceremony of crowning Manchester City with the English Premier League title this season 2023-24

It is believed that VAR technology in the English Premier League faces many problems, the most prominent of which is the way the human element applies rules and regulations.

Wasting time increases with the mouse in the English Premier League

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the time wasted during reviewing refereeing footage in the mouse room has increased this season in the English Premier League to reach 64 seconds for each decision, compared to only 40 seconds last season, meaning that the matter is getting worse.

Wolverhampton will work with all its might to convince the largest number of clubs to vote in favor of abolishing the use of the VAR technology.

The team, nicknamed the Wolves, was harmed by refereeing decisions as a result of the use of the VAR technology – according to its claim – in the last season of the Premier League, as it explained in its official statement that the VAR works to erode the authority of the arena referee, in addition to wasting time during the examination period.

The referee is waiting to know the opinion of the mouse room in the English Premier League (PL)

Will reliance on the mouse be abolished in the English Premier League?

Association director says Premier LeagueTony Scholes, regarding Wolverhampton’s request to cancel the use of the mouse technology in the English Premier League: “We will work to introduce automatic offside technology starting next season, and this will save more match time.”

He added: “We know that a large number of fans are no longer enthusiastic about going and watching matches from the stadium due to the sometimes negative use of the mouse technology. We know that there are real problems in this regard, which may threaten the competition’s status as the best league in the world.”

It is planned to hold a collective vote for the 20 English Premier League clubs on May 14, at the annual meeting of the League, and in order for Wolverhampton’s proposal to succeed, at least 14 clubs must agree, otherwise the issue will be closed and the VAR will continue to work.

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