Shocking reaction from the Iraqi defender after his absence from the Olympics was confirmed!

Adam Talib, Iraq’s Olympic and professional defender in Torino, Italy, issued a shocking reaction, after his absence from the 2024 Paris Olympics was confirmed, by a technical decision from coach Radhi Shenaishil.

Talib received an official notification from the Iraqi Federation that he was not on the final list of the Olympic team participating in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The sources told:win win“: “Iraqi defender and the Torino youth team, Adam Talib, has made great efforts over the past period to prepare for the Olympic team’s camp, before entering the football competitions at the Olympic Games in Paris, scheduled to start next July.”

She added: “A student trained very diligently in the gym in Turin to maintain physical fitness and avoid being affected by negative rest.”

She explained: “The player cut short his vacation and preferred to work constantly. He also succeeded in convincing his club Torino to officially release him for the Olympics, and not to join the team’s preparatory camp for the new season.”

She noted: “The player’s agent received an official offer from one of the Italian clubs to obtain the player’s services, but he decided to postpone all negotiations until after the Olympics, as his focus is entirely on preparing for the tournament.”

The Iraqi defender threatens not to represent his country in the future

The sources stated: “Information of Adam Talib’s absence was a great shock to the player, and sent him into a severe fit of anger, as the player informed his agent and his father that he would no longer represent Iraq again, as he had not had any opportunity with the Iraqi national teams since the Youth World Cup in Argentina.” 2023″.

She added: “Adam Talib, the Iraqi defender, was placing all his hopes on the Olympics, as a way forward for his emergence into international clubs.”

The same sources continued: “Taleb deleted his photo wearing the Iraq Youth National Team shirt on his official account on Instagram… Now his account is without a photo, in a shocking reaction for the Iraqi fans and the Iraqi Federation,” stressing that “Taleb feels frustrated after the promises of his presence in Iraq’s list for the Paris Olympics.

Iraqi youth team

The sources concluded by saying: “The Iraqi Federation tried to remedy the situation of removing Adam from the Olympic team, and at the same time it did not want to interfere in the work of the Iraqi Olympic team coach, Radhi Shanishil, and therefore inquired about the possibility of including him in the Iraqi youth team participating in the West Asian Championship, but unfortunately it was too late.” It is no longer possible to add the player to the list due to time constraints.”

Iraq defender Adam Talib is only 17 years old and has previously represented the Iraqi youth team in 12 matches.

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