Saudi Arabia and the Women’s Tennis Association sign a long-term partnership

Saudi Arabia continues to pursue an upward trend in terms of investment in all types of sports, especially sports tenniswhich the Gulf country aims to create a “local culture” among the youth of the future.

Shortly after the announcement of a bilateral partnership agreement with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), followed by the announcement by the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) that Saudi Arabia had won the hosting of the final tournament for three consecutive editions, starting this year, 2024; It seems that the time has come to establish a strong relationship with the “tennis players”.

Saudi Arabia embraces “professional tennis players” in an extended partnership

Under a partnership agreement for the next several years, the Saudi Public Investment Fund has become the first entity ever to have its name associated with the World Rankings of the Women’s Tennis Association.

This announcement represents the latest activity of the Public Investment Fund in… The kingdom In the world of tennis, after entering into a “strategic partnership” earlier this year, with the ATP.

Commenting on the new partnership with Saudi Arabia, Marina Storti, who is responsible for the commercial aspects of the WTA, said: “We look forward together to nurturing talented players throughout the season, as we continue to develop the sport, attract more tennis fans, and inspire more young people to play the game.”

This announcement indicates more radical transformations for the Women’s Professional Federation, which was previously reluctant to adopt a partnership with Saudi Arabia.

Outgoing CEO Steve Simon said last year that the kingdom would raise “big issues” with hosting women’s tennis tournaments.

Officials announced last month that the final tournament of the women’s tennis season will be held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, from 2024 to 2026, as the Saudi Tennis Federation will offer record prize money of $15.25 million this year.

This announcement came despite the opposition of former stars Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, while Russian Daria Kasatkina also expressed her reservations.

The Professional Tennis Players Association denies holding a tournament in Saudi Arabia (X/Atptour) One Win Winwin

Mohammed Al-Sayyad, Director of the Corporate Identity Department at the Saudi Public Investment Fund, said that the Authority will continue its work “in stimulating and developing women’s sports.”

He added in a statement: “We look forward to working with the WTA to increase participation and inspire a new generation of talent.”

Saudi Arabia continues its active movement in the world of sports investment within the framework of Vision 2030 set by the state. After spending huge sums of money in football by attracting a number of the world’s most prominent stars to the Saudi Roshen Professional League, it continued its expansionary investment policy in other globally popular sports, despite Similar to Formula One and golf.

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