Sam Morsy continues until 2025

English club Ipswich Town revealed, on Tuesday, July 9, the future of the team’s player and captain, the Egyptian professional Sam Morsy.

Morsi’s contract was set to expire at the end of last June, after he led his team to second place in the English Championship, and qualify to participate in the English Premier League next season.

Ipswich Town reveal Sam Morsy’s future

Marcus Nash, Ipswich Town’s media officer, said in exclusive statements to the website:win win“There was a clause in Sam Morsy’s contract that allowed him to renew for an additional season, and we agreed to activate that clause so that the player would continue until the summer of 2025.”

“Sam will be captain next season, that was a secret clause and was activated over a year ago,” he added. “He’s a great guy and a great leader and he’ll do well for us in the Premier League and we’re looking forward to that.”

Salah and the Saudi League

The Egyptian player received offers from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but he preferred to continue with Ipswich, as his first and main goal is to participate and play in the English Premier League.

Morsi played with Ipswich Town played 44 matches last season in various competitions, for a total of 3752 minutes, and managed to score two goals in addition to making 7 others.

Salah’s move to the Saudi League between reality and impossibility

Sam Morsy’s market value is estimated at 900 thousand euros, according to the “Transfer Market” website, and he won the award for the best player in the English Premier League from the Professional Footballers’ Association, by public vote, and he is the first player from the Ipswich Town team to win the award, since it was first presented in 2001.

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