Salah’s move to the Saudi League: between reality and impossibility!

Salah’s move to the Saudi Professional League was the main concern of the Al-Ittihad club’s management last season, as they offered their counterparts in Liverpool a huge sum in exchange for selling the Egyptian star, and offered the player himself an astronomical salary and huge financial privileges.

The Saudi club Al-Ittihad’s offer was met with a double rejection from Liverpool and Salah, but this summer 2024, according to reports, the Jeddah club is trying again to sign Salah, especially with the player entering his final season on his contract with Liverpool.

With Salah’s agent, Rami Abbas, procrastinating in the renewal negotiations with Liverpool, news has grown that Al-Ittihad has entered strongly in recent days to obtain the player’s services, but how likely is it that Salah will move to the Saudi Professional League this summer?

Obstacles to Salah’s move to the Saudi Professional League?

In fact, Saudi clubs face many obstacles to contracting with Salah, the first of which is the new strategy that club administrations will follow this summer, to limit spending on expensive deals and high salaries, according to “Bloomberg“American.

Last season, the clubs suffered huge financial losses, after spending… Dora Roshan Almost a billion euros to buy players.

According to informed sources, Saudi clubs will not repeat the same spending and salary cap this summer, and this point leads to the fact that Salah’s move to the Saudi league is not currently on the agenda of the Kingdom’s clubs, but in fact seems impossible.

In 2023, the Saudi Public Investment Fund allocated a spending budget for the clubs over the next three years, a large part of which was depleted in the first year, which will force the clubs in one way or another to economize a little in the remaining two years.

Al-Ittihad Club pays very large salaries to the French Karim Benzema, the French N’Golo Kante and the rest of the professionals, and the team’s budget will not be able to withstand the signing of Salah, who will receive a salary ranging between 100 and 150 million euros per season.

Liverpool refuses Salah’s departure to Saudi Arabia

There is a reason related to Liverpool itself, as the club will not allow Salah to leave this summer under any circumstances and at any cost, according to daily sources.Mirror“The British, who said that the new coach, Arne Slot, is determined to keep the basic elements of the team.

Salah renews contract with Liverpool

Liverpool knows very well that the Saudi club Al-Ittihad will not return to submit the same astronomical offers to contract with Salah, due to the financial crises that most of the Dorshen clubs are going through, so it will keep the player next season, and will work to renew his contract as soon as possible.

Salah himself is inclined to renew his contract with Liverpool and continue playing at the highest European levels, as the player believes that the Saudi League move is too early at the moment, as he is still 32 years old and can continue his European journey with the Reds.

When will Salah’s move to the Saudi League become a reality?

Club can Saudi Federation To wait until Salah enters the final six months of his contract with Liverpool, then he will become a free player to sign with any club, and this is the easiest and most realistic hypothesis.

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