Salah and the Saudi League | Why does the deal seem impossible this summer?

The Salah and Saudi Professional League series continues in the summer transfers of the current year 2024, amidst the ambiguity surrounding the future of the Egyptian international star with Liverpool, coinciding with his entry into the final season of his contract with the Scouse club.

Salah’s future with Liverpool is not clear, as there have been conflicting reports in media outlets close to the club’s circles, regarding signing a new contract and extending his stay, or leaving for clubs interested in his services, the most prominent of which is the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club.

Salah and the Saudi League are “impossible” this summer

The union threw its weight behind it last summer and offered Liverpool 150 million euros to buy Salah’s contract, while offering the player himself an astronomical salary of nearly 100 million euros per season, but the Tigers’ ambitions were met with rejection from the player and the English club.

Now, media reports are talking about the union resuming negotiations with Liverpool regarding Salah, but the network Bloomberg The American newspaper reported that the Saudi clubs’ voracious spending last season will not be repeated this summer, which undermines the possibility of Salah’s arrival in the Roshn League.

Egyptian Mohamed Salah, Liverpool player (X: Mosalah)

Bloomberg explained that Saudi clubs are currently suffering economically due to the exorbitant salary cap and exaggerated player purchase deals, and accordingly, the clubs will move in the summer of 2024 to reduce the increasing and ill-considered spending rates.

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It is worth noting that the Saudi League clubs spent nearly one billion euros last summer on dozens of global deals, most notably Al Hilal Club, which paid 90 million euros to bring in the Brazilian Neymar, and Al Nassr, which contracted with the Portuguese Otavio for 60 million euros, as the Roshn League ranked fourth in the world in terms of spending rates in the summer market for the year 2023.

Salah and the Saudi League.. When will the deal be possible?

The Kingdom has put in place plans to reduce losses and build an economically sustainable local league without repeatedly draining resources, so the Salah-Saudi League deal could become possible this summer in the event of a swap, a deal for a deal. Or in the event that one of the players is sold for a large sum and Salah is bought with the profits from this deal, which is what Carlo Nohra, the CEO of the Saudi League, indicated in previous statements.

Mohamed Salah

It is known that Salah will demand a huge salary, and Liverpool will not give him up easily either and will demand an amount of no less than 80 million euros, which will weigh heavily on… Saudi Al-Ittihad Clubwhich incurred losses with a financial deficit in its budget for the year 2023 amounting to 27 million euros.

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