Ronaldo’s tears… This is what made him feel let down

Ronaldo’s tears made the event happen at the end of the Saudi season, as he completed Crescent moon Winning the local treble by defeating Al-Nasr 5-4 on penalties during the King’s Cup final at King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah, after the original and extra periods ended in a 1-1 draw.

Al Hilal took the lead through Alexander Mitrovic, while Ayman Yahya equalized for Al Nassr, and Al Hilal won the third local title after the Saudi League and the Super League.

Al Hilal maintained the championship title it won last season and was crowned the local title for the 11th time in its history (championship No. 69 in the history of its championships). As for Al-Nasr, it lost the opportunity to win the King’s Cup title for the first time since 1990.

Ronaldo’s tears for this reason

Once again, Cristiano Ronaldo has failed to win against Al Hilal in any official competition since his arrival, and there was great sadness on the face of the Portuguese star after the match, with tears in his eyes.

Ronaldo’s tears came because he gave everything in the match, but there is a small detail that can be said to have made him feel let down, which is that his teammates did not help him play.

Ronaldo fell into the offside trap 6 times in this match, especially in extra time. This was due to the delay in passing from his teammates. When he was moving in space and asking for the ball, his teammate was slow in passing.

If Otavio and Provic had been on the field in extra time, things would have changed due to their ability to pass accurately and at the right time. The issue is not only about the pass but the timing of the pass.

If you are late in passing by a fraction of a second, this will cause your colleague to fall into the offside trap. Here, Ronaldo felt let down because his teammates were too late in passing and made him vulnerable to falling into the offside trap from Al Hilal players.

When will Al-Nasr win over Al-Hilal?

Once again, Al Hilal wins VictoryAlthough Al-Nasr had every opportunity to win and achieve the title, it seemed as if there was a mental problem with Al-Nasr against Al-Hilal.

Al-Nasr created 13 chances compared to 7 chances for Al-Hilal, but Al-Nasr did not succeed in exploiting its chances due to poor finishing, especially from Al-Nasr. Sadio Mane Who played one of his worst matches.

Al-Nasr had the opportunity after Kalidou Koulibaly was sent off and Al-Hilal completed the extra time with 9 players. Where Al-Nasr had numerical superiority, yet Al-Hilal had the most control and possession. In the penalty shootout, there were two chances for victory after Al Hilal missed two kicks, but it wasted both chances.

Al-Hilal, for its part, after the numerical deficiency, wanted to drag the match to penalty kicks because it knows the ability of Yassine Bounou very well, and this is what actually happened, as he shone and saved two kicks, and even the kicks that went into his net went in the same direction.

On the other hand, although he succeeded in saving a penalty kick, the substitute goalkeeper, Walid Abdullah, was not good at dealing with penalty kicks due to his early movement. The other matter relates to the lack of experience and young age of some of the Al-Nasr players on an occasion like this, such as Meshari Al-Nemr, who missed the last kick.

How did Al-Hilal bring itself back to the match?

Al Hilal succeeded in exploiting Alexander Mitrovic’s strength in high balls and dealing with crosses, as he is the best striker and the most headed goalscorer in the Saudi League, so he excelled in his movement on the second post and escaping supervision and scoring.

But Al Hilal suddenly found itself in a difficult situation by expelling the two centre-backs, Ali Al-Bulaihi, due to irresponsible behavior, and then the other defender, Kalidou Koulibaly, for the same reason.

From the Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr match, in the King’s Cup final (X / Alhilal_FC)

After the expulsion of Al-Bulaihi and Koulibaly, Al-Hilal players felt a great responsibility, and that fate gave them a chance to fight for every ball, and it never felt like Al-Hilal was playing deficiently. Even in the shot of Al-Bulaihi’s expulsion, notice how Ruben Neves and Mitrovic treated him angrily and nervously, because they knew that this might cost them a lot.

But these events made Al Hilal repeat itself in the match, and they were not affected as much as expected.

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