Ronaldo’s absence before the Euro: systematic marginalization or a protection mechanism?

Ronaldo’s participation in… euro The next competition, whose competitions begin on Friday, is something highly anticipated, given what this competition means to the fans, not only for its historical value, but also because it may be the “finale” of the Portuguese star’s appearance with his country’s national team on football fields.

As he approaches the stage of dismounting, Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most prominent legends of the game in recent years, after failing to capture the World Cup title, hopes to achieve the European crown for the second time in his career after 2016 in France.

In this seventeenth edition of the European Nations Cup, which Germany is hosting from June 14 until next July 14, the task of the Portuguese and their leader will not be easy at all, amid an intense hunger felt by the giants of the old continent, who are motivated by several incentives to win the cup. Dear.

Ronaldo’s participation… marginalization in the form of tribute

The enormity of the task, the difficulty of competing in the Euro, and the intrusion of a number of new talents into the general shape of the squad of Spanish coach Roberto Martinez, prompted a number of observers to point out that “Brazil EuropeThey are preparing to “marginalize” the pivotal role of the Saudi Al-Nasr star, and give him secondary roles in the tournament. Some even considered that his invitation to the German version was a way to “honor” him, as an immortal legend who gave a lot to Portuguese football, but nothing more than that.This last part based its idea on decreasing reliance on Ronaldo’s participation as he approached entering into the “seriousness” of the Euro, stressing that his exit from the squad for the friendly match against Finland (4-2), and his seating as a reserve without participating in Portugal’s loss to Croatia (1 -2) In the second friendly, which is the last preparatory exam before the continental adventure, there are clear indications from Ronaldo’s technical framework of the nature of his presence in the Euro.

As those who adopt this position add, “distinguishingDon“In the European qualifiers, by scoring 10 goals in 9 matches, he will not be able to grab a starting position in a front line full of talented and energetic stars, such as Bernardo Silva, Rafael Leao, Bruno Fernandes, Diogo Jota, Joao Felix, Francisco Conceicao and others, and the reason is due to the difference. Vast in the quality of competitors between the qualifiers (Slovakia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Bosnia, which are the teams that represented the Portugal group) and the top Euro.

The image has another reading

The other side of the thesis of Ronaldo’s participation in the Euro carries a completely different reading from the hypothesis of “deliberate marginalization” despite sharing the point of diminishing the role of the “Madeira Missile” with Portugal.

It is certain, in the beginning, that Ronaldo, who is 39 years old, is still important in Martinez’s plans, otherwise he would not have relied on him in the European qualifiers, but the difference lies in taking into account the aging factor, and placing it among the most important considerations, because the current “Don” version is not like its predecessors. This is clear to everyone, despite the passion, generosity, and numbers that the legend continues to provide in “global” colors.

Ronaldo’s participation in the Portugal jersey cannot be reduced to what is expected of him, in terms of scoring goals or contributing to their goal in any way. His name transcends the barriers of numbers, so his presence represents a special symbolism. How could it not, as he is the legend who crowned Portugal during his reign with its only two international titles (Euro 2016 and the UEFA Nations League 2019).

In addition, he is the competition’s all-time top scorer European Nations Cup (14 goals), 5 goals behind French legend Michel Platini, a number that may motivate the “number-crunching lover” to present an unforgettable final version.

Everything that has passed may push Coach Martinez to invest this great legacy of “CR7” in the national team, by “rationing” the minutes of his presence on the green rectangle, and using the most appropriate mechanism to avoid draining his energy, which has always been resorted to in crucial times.

Encouraging numbers for a dreamy conclusion

Ronaldo’s participation in Euro 2024 will not only be based on his “prestige” and the magnificence of his name, but also on his terrifying numbers, which did not stop in the past season, in which he achieved a number of exceptional and remarkable achievements with his Saudi club Al-Nasr, the most prominent of which is that he became the historic top scorer in the Rushen League. With 35 goals, he became the first player in history to be the top scorer in 4 different leagues (English, Spanish, Italian and Saudi).

Jose Mourinho, coach of Fenerbahce, talks about Cristiano Ronaldo in the European Nations Cup and nominates the winner of Euro 2024

Internationally, the situation was no different, as Ronaldo’s name overshadowed everyone, as he single-handedly scored 10 goals in the Euro qualifiers, and with a terrifying attacking arsenal, he monopolized the strongest records in the European qualifiers by scoring 36 goals, and achieving the full mark (10 victories in 10 matches). It is expected that The Don’s participation – regardless of its time frame – will be very fruitful, with the hope of a dreamy international conclusion to the career of a star that is among the most successful and inspiring of all time.

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