Ronaldo sets Portugal’s goal in the Euro and is proud of his unique achievement

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo set Portugal’s goal in the tournament European Nations Cup 2024, which is scheduled to be held in Germany during the period from June 14 to July 14. The Saudi Al-Nasr star also spoke about his sixth consecutive participation in the tournament, and other matters.

And he aspires Portuguese national team To win the Euro title for the second time in its history, after winning the 2016 edition in France, where it will compete during the next edition in Group F, alongside the teams of the Czech Republic, Turkey and Georgia.

Ronaldo said in an interview European Football Association websiteHe wants to help Portugal win the Euro 2024 title, and added: “Every professional player has his own style. I believe that leadership depends on who we are, what we feel, and what we have learned during our career. I try to be a leader in a way that I find productive. I want to be a player who helps others.” “Someone they can look up to, see as a role model, and be a good professional.”

Ronaldo: I am proud to be the first player to participate in 6 editions of the Euro

Ronaldo expressed his great pride in being the first player to participate in the Euro Championship 6 times, and added: “I am proud to be the first player to participate in the European Nations Cup finals 6 times. I am happy because it shows the length of my career. However, this is just one chapter of what Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved.” In football, I am happy and proud to be here to help the national team achieve its goals, and of course Portugal’s goal is to try to win, that is our main goal.”

The Saudi Al-Nasr star continued his speech: “I like to be a role model. I am not one of the people who talks a lot, but I prefer to show who I am. And when you have to close ranks, and when things are not going well, you have to know when to frame your colleagues and when to support them.” “But when things are going well, you have to be with them and work together. The leadership style is very personal.”

He continued: “Year after year, we always strive to improve certain things. There is always room for that. I think I am a complete player, but there are always things that I can improve, and as we get older, there are things that we did not do well in the past, and we began to lose some.” abilities, so it is important to try to adapt to the situation… It is not a coincidence that I have been playing at the highest level for 20 years, and it is very difficult to maintain this. Only with a lot of discipline and hard work can we achieve these numbers.”

Ronaldo sets Portugal’s goal in the Euro

And he spoke Madeira missile Regarding Portugal’s goal in the Euro, he said: “I am convinced that this team will bring a lot of happiness to the Portuguese fans, starting with the European Nations Cup. However, in my opinion, the best generation of players is always the one that wins titles. I hope this team wins, because it is a team “Incredibly talented, but as we all know, talent is not enough to win. There are a lot of things that go into winning a big tournament like this.”

Will Ronaldo's participation in the Euro decrease due to Portugal's talents?

He added: “We have all the ingredients to win the title, but we will take it step by step, match by match, with belief in it. What we achieved in 2016 was historic, both for Portuguese football and for world football. We have now put our feet on the ground, but our minds are on… “Towards the stars to see that it is possible to win the European Championship, because Portugal’s goal is always to win.”

Ronaldo sent a message to the Portuguese fans, saying: “Our fans are of great importance on the side of the pitch, as well as those who will watch us on television, because their energy will be felt in Germany. I want them to continue doing what they have always done, supporting the national team and the players; as players we feel this support on a global level.” “On the field, together we will be stronger.”

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