Ronaldo-Mbappe clash at Euro 2024 ignites Madrid fans’ enthusiasm early

The anticipated clash between Ronaldo and Mbappe in the Euro 2024 has ignited the enthusiasm of Madrid fans early, as France will meet Portugal in the quarter-finals of the Euro Championship next Friday, July 5.

Cristiano Ronaldo has announced that Euro 2024 will be his last European tournament with his national team, adding more emotion to the encounter.

In contrast, Kylian Mbappe dreams of winning the Euro title for the first time in his career, an achievement that will have a special impact, especially after his transfer to Real Madrid, which became official as of July 1.

Ronaldo-Mbappe clash ignites Madrid fans’ enthusiasm

No wonder the confrontation between “former king“The Santiago Bernabéu and the one who wants to take the crown are the headlines in the Spanish newspapers today.

This confrontation made the front page of the newspaper “Marka“, Spain’s largest sports newspaper, where the headline was: “Mbappe and Ronaldo…advancing towards Spain.”

The title reflects the fact that the winner of this match could face Spain if they manage to beat Germany in the other quarter-final, also on Friday.

Mbappe has a negative record in his previous matches against Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a role model for Kylian Mbappé since childhood. The two stars have met on numerous occasions, with Mbappé repeatedly expressing his great admiration for Ronaldo.

So far, the two players have faced each other in 3 international matches, including matches in the UEFA Nations League and the UEFA European Championship, and each time the confrontation between them has been exciting and full of challenges.

In the previous three confrontations between Ronaldo and Mbappe, both players showed high skills and great determination, while the French star has a negative record in his previous confrontations against Ronaldo.


In the language of numbers, the new star of Real Madrid was unable to score any goal against the Portuguese national team led by Cristiano Ronaldo. This negative number is one of the challenges that Mbappe seeks to overcome in his upcoming match against Portugal.

The first international match between Ronaldo and Mbappe was in the UEFA Nations League for the 2020-21 season, and ended in a goalless draw in the first leg, while France won the second leg with a single goal scored by N’Golo Kante.

The last confrontation was in the group stage of the Euro 2020 Championship, and ended in a 2-2 draw. Karim Benzema scored both goals for “Les Bleus”, while Ronaldo scored Portugal’s double.

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