Ronaldo dreams of following in LeBron James’ footsteps!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the all-time leading scorer in football, dreams of following in the footsteps of the American basketball legend. LeBron Jamesdespite being eliminated from the quarter-finals of the 2024 European Nations Cup.

The Portuguese bid farewell to the tournament European Nations CupLast Friday, after losing to France on penalties, he failed to score any goal in the tournament, the first time in his career that he failed to score at least one goal in a major tournament.

With less than one year left on his contract with the club’s first football team, Saudi victoryCristiano Ronaldo’s decision regarding his future is still unknown, and whether he will retire from football or continue his career for another period.

Ronaldo fights ageing in several ways

Although no one, not even Cristiano Ronaldo himself, knows when he will end his career, Ildefons Lima, who has the longest international career with a national team at 26 years, predicted that the Al-Nassr star will continue his international career, as Ildefons played for Endorra until the age of 44. He said: “I don’t know if he has any intention of doing that. I look at Cristiano with great admiration, but the way he plays now depends more on his being a legend than his current abilities and qualities.”

However, he was disagreed with by Romanian Adrian Mutu, who spoke via the platform “IAM Sports“The world, and claimed that he knows the real reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo’s refusal to retire from football despite reaching the age of 39 years.

He added: “Ronaldo dreams of playing with his son Cristiano Junior in the same team, even for just one official match, before announcing his final retirement from football.” Adrian Mutu confirmed that achieving this dream is almost impossible in any club other than Al-Nassr, and he continued by saying: “This is his only motivation to stay until now.”

Ronaldo dreams of LeBron James’ career

If that happens, Ronaldo will follow in the footsteps of American basketball legend LeBron James, who is also 39 years old like the Portuguese international, and who will play with his son Bronny James, after being selected in the American League draft by the Los Angeles Lakers.

So far, Bronny and LeBron have not played together, but it is a “matter of time”, after the new players were selected for the upcoming season on June 26 and 27, which witnessed Bronny James (19 years old) officially joining the Lakers team to become the first player to play in one game with his father in the history of American basketball.

Bronny, selected 55th overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round, will play alongside his legendary father next season in a unique event.

Is Junior ready to team up with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Junior plays for Al-Nassr youth team, and has joined all the youth categories of the clubs that Ronaldo played for in his career, such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United, and now Al-Nassr Saudi Arabia.

Junior is currently 14 years old, but the regulations in Saudi Arabia do not allow young players to join the first team until the age of 16, which means that Ronaldo needs to wait another two years to achieve his dream and play alongside his son Junior.

Recently, there was an amendment to the Saudi competitions, where any player who is 16 years old is allowed to play an official match with the first football team; noting that the regulations in Saudi Arabia previously prevented any player under 18 years old from playing an official match with the first team.

Cristiano Junior (14 years old) was born on June 17, 2010, which means that he will be able to play with the first team of Al-Nassr Club, starting from the 2026-27 season; that is, after the 2026 World Cup finals in America, Canada and Mexico.

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