Rodriguez crisis reveals new successful signing at Esperance

Many observers believe that the media management of the Tunisian club Esperance succeeded in dealing in an intelligent and professional manner with the hint of the Brazilian striker Rodrigo Rodriguez, who hinted at his desire to leave the “Bab Souika” club during the current summer transfer period.

And publish “Sheikh of Tunisian clubsYesterday, Saturday, June 29, he posted on his official Facebook account, saying that Rodrigo Rodriguez was the top scorer in the Tunisian league in the 2023-2024 season with 10 goals.

Esperance trusts Brazilian Rodriguez

Al-Taraji added that the Al-Taraji family is certain that his performance will be excellent in all the competitions in which he will participate with Al-Taraji in the next season 2024-2025.

Esperance Sportive de Tunis’ post came in response to what Rodriguez posted on his official Instagram account, in which he hinted at his desire to leave the team in the current summer transfer window.


The Brazilian striker wrote on his account: “My family and I will always be fans of this club, regardless of where we are. Thank you for this season.”

Qarfala represents a successful assignment

On the other hand, Esperance fans praised the great work done by the media officer and official spokesman for the club, Walid Garfala, as he has been able, since his appointment, to develop the media side of the club and put the fans in a picture of what is happening by providing correct and official information.

He also revealed all the facts that happen within the club’s walls, and clarified all issues without adding or subtracting, which contributed to reducing the amount of rumors and lies that are related every time, especially to the Esperance Mercato. Perhaps the quick response to the speculations about the future of the Brazilian Rodrigo confirmed Esperance’s strength in this particular aspect, as many followers agreed that appointing Walid Qarfala in this plan was a “successful contract” within the club’s management.

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