Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani reject the invitation of the Algerian Federation

A private source revealed to win win The Algerian national team duo, Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani, are absent from the “Warriors” camp for the month of June, in preparation for facing Guinea and Uganda in the third and fourth rounds, respectively, of the tournament. World Cup qualifiers 2026, responded to the Algerian Football Federation’s invitation to attend the match against Guinea, on Thursday, June 6, at Nelson Mandela Stadium, along with some other players who were not invited to participate in the current camp of the Algerian national team.

The exclusion of Riyad Mahrez, the Saudi Al-Ahly player, from the current camp of the “Warriors” in preparation for the matches between Guinea and Uganda in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, sparked widespread controversy among the Algerians, between supporters of the former City star or Petkovic, although the matter is related to a communication problem more than anything else. According to the Swiss coach’s statements during a press conference, Mahrez responded through his account on the “X“.

Riyad Mahrez replied

Mahrez highlighted his strong desire to be in the camp.The greensHowever, he indicated that he did not receive any contact from the Algerian Football Federation or the coach, which divided the Algerian fans regarding his summoning or not, and the priority of whoever takes the initiative to contact the other party, and cast a shadow over the public and media controversy over the past days regarding the list of those excluded from the Algerian national team. At the camp, before the important World Cup confrontation against Guinea.

Why did Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani reject the Algerian Federation’s invitation?

A source confirmed, “The Algerian Football Federation sent official invitations to both Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani to follow the match between Algeria and Guinea from the stands of Nelson Mandela Stadium, on Thursday, June 6, while staying with their colleagues in the national teams preparation center in Sidi Moussa, in a move that he wants to take.” Al-Ittihad aims to ease the atmosphere and dispel any doubt regarding the existence of strong differences and divisions within the Algerian national team.

Through this initiative, according to our source, the Algerian Federation seeks to confirm its good faith and that there is no problem between it and these players, and to stress that the matter is related to technical options only, the control of which is owned by the Swiss coach, Vladimir Petkovic, who has the freedom to choose the players who He sees them as suitable for his ideas and tactical plans, even though he stated that the door always remains open for Mahrez and Slimani.

Reveal source win winThat Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani rejected the Algerian Football Federation’s invitation to attend the Guinea match “in a diplomatic manner,” as they spoke to an official in the Algerian national team who contacted them on behalf of the Algerian Football Federation, and attributed the reason for their rejection of the invitation to their presence on vacation with their families.

Mahrez is currently spending his annual vacation in Turkey, before turning to another destination during the past few days, and the same applies to Slimani as well. The two players confirmed the impossibility of canceling their program that they prepared on the basis of their exclusion from the June camp, and according to the preparatory program for their teams.

Algerian Riyad Mahrez, star of Al-Ahly Saudi Club (Getty) One Win Winwin

Followers described the response of Riyad Mahrez and Islam Slimani to the Al-Ittihad’s invitation as “diplomatic,” especially since local media revealed their anger at the Algerian Football Federation’s decision to extend an honorary invitation to them, which they considered to belittle their status and bring them closer to the option of the international player’s retirement, at a time when they did not. So far, both players favor this proposition.

The decision of the Algerian Federation to invite the players to attend the Guinea match divided the Algerian fans, as a large group of them saw that this invitation was not appropriate, and it was just a move for the Football Association to try to correct the situation with the players, at a time when another group confirmed that this invitation was a proper tribute to the players. They gave a lot to the Algerian national team, and they deserve to be present in a match that the French star, Karim Benzema, will attend as a guest of honour.

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