Rivaldo’s friend is close to leading Wydad Casablanca

Wydad Casablanca club has begun laying the foundations for the next phase, with the aim of restructuring the club’s board of directors, by electing a new president, capable of returning the “red” team to its local and continental brilliance.

Wydad has been in a state of emptiness since the arrest of its president, Said Naciri, on charges of drug trafficking. The crisis with the president who replaced him, Abdelmajid Bernaki, has not been resolved, and he in turn submitted his resignation from his duties a few days ago. The problem of Wydad Al-Umma, which has been rampant in Africa in recent years, has multiplied before entering a difficult management crisis.

The crisis that Wydad Casablanca is experiencing has led to a zero season for the team, after it produced negative results in the last season 2023-2024, with the loss of its title. Moroccan League For professionals and the Throne Cup, and elimination from the group stage of the African Champions League for the first time in the last nine years.

Rivaldo’s friend is close to leading Wydad Casablanca

July 3, 2024, will be decisive in the fate of Wydad Club, as it is the day set for holding the General Assembly to elect a new president.

Wydad Casablanca received five nomination files for the presidency of the team, succeeding Abdelmajid Bernaki, who decided to give up the presidency 3 months after being elected president, succeeding Al-Nasiri.

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In this regard, the club said in a previous statement: “In preparation for the next general assembly, Wydad Athletic Club announces that the nominations for the club’s presidency have closed on Monday, June 10.”

He added: “In this context, the club received five nominations, one after the other, namely the nominations of Anas Kourami, Nasik Karam, Hicham Ait Mena, Athil Tozeur and Saad Allah Yassin.

As the date of the General Assembly approaches, all data indicate that Hisham Ait is a friend of ours Brazilian star RivaldoHe remains the most prominent candidate for the presidency.

Ait Mina has a strong relationship with a group of former Barcelona stars, including Rivaldo, the world champion with Samba in 2002. He headed the Mohammedia youth team in recent years and led it from the amateur divisions to the first professional division.

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