Refaat’s death and Olympic crises… a sad week for Egyptian sports

she lived Egyptian sports One of the bad weeks without a doubt, given the succession of a number of unfortunate events, whether related to football or other games, days before the start of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and perhaps the most prominent unfortunate events are the death of Raafat, a Modern Sport player.

Some of these events are related to the most important sporting event in the world, which is the Olympics, and others are not related to these competitions. The most important event was the death of Ahmed Refaat, a player for the Egyptian national team and the Modern Sport team, at the age of 31.

Rafat’s death

Rafat’s death came nearly 4 months after he suffered a heart attack that caused his heart to stop during his team’s match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the Egyptian Premier League. Between the negligence related to the player’s delay in receiving first aid, which negatively affected his condition, and his indication that he was exposed to severe psychological and nervous pressure that caused what happened to him during that match, and his accusation of those responsible for what happened to him, the player’s condition took major turns and repercussions.

Strange and shocking similarity in the story of the death of Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Ahmed Refaat

After Rafat’s death, Mohamed accused his brother and agent Nader Shawky, Ahmed Diab, head of the Egyptian League, of causing the player’s death, due to his promises during his time as an official at the club, to secure his military service before the player traveled to play professionally with Al Wahda in the UAE on loan. However, according to the agent and officials of the Al Annabi club, Diab broke that promise, which led to the player falling under the law, which may have affected his psychological state.

Walid Dabbas, the president of Modern Sport Club, came out to defend the club’s position, and believes that there is no one responsible for the death, or even the psychological state that Raafat reached, which contributed even in a small way to his death. He even went so far as to hint that the reasons for Al Wahda’s termination of the player’s contract were for moral reasons, which stirred up public opinion against him, before he came out with conflicting and incomprehensible statements during a phone call with Egyptian media figure Hani Hathoot.

Walid Dabbas resigned from his position after Rafat’s death due to the massive attacks on him, while the player’s lawyer, who was appointed by his last club, according to his agent Nader Shawky, began directing accusations at the agent of causing Rafat’s crisis before his death, in addition to pointing out that Abdel Zaher El-Saqqa, the club’s former football director, was one of the two people the deceased referred to before his death as causing the psychological state and pressures he was exposed to.

The repercussions are still ongoing, while the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports has formed a committee to determine the facts and determine the reasons behind what happened to Rafat, awaiting the results of that committee.

The death of Rifaat was reported by a number of media professionals in different ways, which was also the cause of a lot of controversy.

Shahd Saeed and the bicycle issue

Another crisis, certainly less important than the death of Rafat in the prime of his youth, but a major crisis that Egyptian sports have experienced in the last few hours, is related to the participation of player Shahd Saeed in the 2024 Paris Olympics with the cycling team, especially since this crisis represents a contradiction to the concept of sports based on fair competition.

Last April, in a race in the Republic Championship, Shahad Saeed, in full view of everyone, pushed Jana Aliwa, who is also a cyclist, causing her multiple fractures and temporary memory loss. Shahad was suspended from participating in local competitions for a year and fined.

Despite Shahd’s suspension, the Egyptian sports community was surprised by her presence in the delegation that was supposed to participate in the Olympics, representing Egypt in cycling, which caused a lot of criticism and demands to exclude the player from participating in the competitions.

Despite the seriousness of what Shahd had done, the head of the Egyptian Cycling Federation, Dr. Wagih Azzam, decided after an urgent meeting, and with the approval of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, that the player would participate normally in the Olympics, downplaying the act committed by the 20-year-old.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, in turn, decided to address the International Olympic Committee to study the position of the player Shahd Saeed’s participation in the Paris Olympics in accordance with international charters and ethical rules.

The Olympic team’s crises continue

The Brazilian Rogerio Micale, the technical director of the Egyptian Olympic team, lived through difficult days, in the simplest of things, which is choosing his list to participate in the competitions. It was a difficult matter for him, because the clubs, whether Egyptian or foreign, refused to give up their players, especially in the category of players over the age (over 23 years old).

The crisis of the Egyptian Olympic team ends before traveling to the Paris 2024 Olympics

Mikali decided to call up only two senior players, Ahmed Sayed Zizo and Mohamed Elneny, but a crisis loomed over Ibrahim Adel, the captain of the Olympic team and Pyramids winger, as his club demanded that he leave the camp to participate in the upcoming match against Al-Ahly in the league championship.

What saved Mikali from that strange scenario was Ibrahim Adel’s injury, but the crises continued, as the mission was unable to travel to France yesterday, Wednesday, due to the failure to obtain visas to attend in Paris, which led to postponing the travel for a day, where the crisis was resolved after contacts with all authorities.

sports desk

Sports presenters on TV in Egypt were very contradictory. Some took the right path by trying to find the truth, which is the role of the correct media, and there was another part that either ignored discussing important issues, or discussed them in a very negative way.

The United Media Company in Egypt decided to terminate the contract with the media figure Ahmed Shobeir, due to what they saw as a violation of the company’s professional rules and content policies, especially after he discussed the two cases of Refaat’s death and some people accusing him of causing this crisis due to his previous presence on the board of directors of the Modern Sport team, in addition to the crisis of Shahd Issa, the cycling player.

The matter was not limited to Shobier, as while a number of media professionals presented ideal models for the presentation and attempt to search for the truth, especially in the case of Ahmed Refaat, some deviated from the right path in discussing that crisis in particular, by throwing accusations and blame at the late player himself or his agent in particular.

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