Reducing the number of Jordanian League teams is an official decision, not a proposal!

Sources revealed towin win“The decision to reduce the Jordanian Professional League will be officially implemented, as the tournament teams will be reduced to 10 instead of 12 teams, according to what the clubs learned during the retreat held recently by the Football Association.

Many of the club representatives who attended the retreat believed that the decision to reduce teams was a proposal that would be studied, discussed, or voted on before they were surprised that it was an official decision approved by the Jordanian Federation.

A surprising official decision for the Jordanian League clubs

One of the club presidents who attended the retreat confirmed in a special statement to “winwin” that during the meeting, Jordanian Federation officials put forward a proposal to reduce the teams to 10 teams, and some club representatives were asked to discuss this proposal and vote on it.

He said: “The Federation did not agree to discuss the proposal, as it later became clear to us that it was an official decision that would be implemented, which raised the astonishment of a number of representatives of professional clubs.”

He added: “We do not know how a decision like this could be taken without obtaining the approval of the clubs. We are a partner of the Jordanian Federation, and it would have been better to discuss the decision and find out its pros and cons before we were informed that the decision cannot be rejected as it is an official decision that will be implemented.”

He explained: “According to what we understand from officials in the Jordanian Federation, the league championship next season will, as usual, have the participation of 12 teams, but the number of teams relegated to the ranks of first-class clubs will be increased to 4 teams instead of two teams, provided that two teams from first-class clubs will be promoted, so that The competition in the following season will involve only 10 teams participating.”

From the Jordanian League matches 2023-2024 (winwin)

The decision to reduce the teams to 10 teams may have technical benefits in terms of improving the competitiveness index between the teams, and will also reduce the bill for the value of support provided to professional clubs.

The retreat meeting held by the Jordanian Federation included revealing a proposal to hold a league championship for the under-23 category, working to enhance interest in age groups and allocating a prize to the clubs most interested in this category.

The Jordanian Federation had confirmed that the goal of holding the retreat was to pave the way for the launch of a five-year strategy aimed at developing the infrastructure, raising the technical level of the tournaments, and increasing public interaction with them.

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