Record numbers set by Baghdad Bounedjah with Qatar’s Al-Sadd

Announce Al Sadd Qatar Officially, striker Baghdad Bounedjah will leave his ranks at the end of the current season, after the Algerian player spent unforgettable years in Doha at the level of various local and Asian competitions.

Baghdad Bounedjah, with this departure, turns a page that many consider to be one of the most beautiful professional experiences in the history of the Qatari League, amid the interest of many giant clubs to win his services during the Mercato next summer.

Opportunity win win It places in the hands of the followers (4) records achieved by Baghdad Bounedjah, which seem difficult to break during the long coming years of the Qatari League.

Baghdad Bounedjah, the all-time top scorer for Al-Sadd Qatar

Algerian Baghdad Bounedjah is the all-time top scorer for Al-Sadd, following a historic era he spent with Al-Zaeem that extended over 9 full seasons starting in 2015, but an era that also saw him loaned to Etoile du Sahel for only six months.

According to information and statistics, share Algerian striker He is 32 years old, in 314 matches across various competitions with Al Sadd, during which he scored 252 goals to be crowned the Qatari leader’s all-time top scorer, well deserved.

Bounedjah celebrated his record as the best scorer in the history of Al Sadd, during April of last year 2023, succeeding in enhancing his exceptional numbers with the Qatari team by scoring 8 goals in the Expo Stars League this season.

The best scorer in one season in the Qatari League

During the 2018-2019 season, Baghdad Bounedjah was able to be crowned top scorer in the Qatar Stars League, well-deservedly, after finishing the competition at the top, scoring 39 goals, a new record for the veteran Algerian star.

With this number, Bounedjah became the player who scored the most goals in one season in the Qatari League, and it does not seem that anyone is able to come close to his record. Akram Afif, the top scorer in the current edition of the Expo Stars League, only scored 24 goals in the competition.

In that season, Baghdad Bounedjah opened the first week in the Qatari League with a hat-trick against Al Kharaitiyat, then continued his habit of scoring goals against all opponents to lead Al Sadd to win the championship title, topping the standings with 57 points.

7 goals in one match

During Baghdad Bounedjah’s historic season with Al-Sadd of Qatar, the Algerian striker was able to achieve a terrifying feat that was not repeated often in Qatari and Arab stadiums, by scoring 7 goals during Al-Sadd’s 10-1 victory over Al-Arabi in the second week of the Qatari League for the 2018-2019 season.

Algerian striker Baghdad Bounedjah, Qatari club Al Sadd, Winwin

The interesting thing is that the Algerian striker was able, through this match, to score nearly 20% of his goal tally in the Qatari League for that season, which reached 39 goals.

Bounedjah’s goals in that confrontation came in the 43rd, 47th, 50th, 62nd, 64th, 72nd, 89th minutes. As for the other two goals for Al-Sadd, they were scored by Akram Afif, making the Algerian star the talk of the world, but he did not come close to this number being among the top 10 scorers in one match. Throughout the history of world football, John Petrie tops the list by scoring 13 goals in one match, while 5 players share the achievement of scoring 9 goals in one match.

The all-time top scorer for Qatar’s Al-Sadd in the AFC Champions League

Baghdad Bounedjah played 44 matches with Al Sadd in the AFC Champions League, during which he clinched the title of the Qatari team’s all-time top scorer in the famous Asian competition.

Baghdad Bounedjah has 26 goals in his possession in the AFC Champions League, making him the top scorer for Al Sadd in the history of the competition, and the top scorer for a Qatari team in the Champions League, while he ranks seventh on the list of the tournament’s top scorers throughout its history.

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