Real Madrid will not participate in the Club World Cup!

Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti confirmed that the Spanish club Real Madrid will not participate in the Club World Cup next year in 2025, and stressed that this decision comes due to their lack of conviction in the financial prizes that will be awarded in this tournament.

Unlike the English clubs that complain about the program clubs World Cup With its expanded appearance, and the additional fatigue it imposes on the players, Ancelotti refuses to participate in the “Merengue” tournament scheduled for next year in the United States with the participation of 32 teams, for reasons related to what he will gain. The royal club Of financial prizes.

Carlo Ancelotti explained in an interview with the Italian newspaper “Il Giornale” that Real Madrid cannot accept an amount of 20 million euros to participate in the entire tournament, while the value of one match for the team reaches this number.

He added that other clubs are expected to also decline the invitation to participate in the tournament. In this context, the Professional Players Association in England is seeking to reduce the number of matches due to the fatigue suffered by players, which prompted it to threaten to strike.

FIFA is facing pressure due to the Club World Cup

FIFA is facing increasing pressure to provide solutions to this problem, with some athletes and officials pointing to the economic damage that these changes to the schedule of domestic tournaments could cause. This is what made it threaten to take legal action if the interests of clubs and players were not taken into account.

The 32-team FIFA Club World Cup is scheduled to be held from 15 June to 13 July 2025, which could cause a negative impact on fixture schedules and players, if not addressed appropriately. According to the calendar, the Club World Cup is scheduled to be held between June 15 and July 13, 2025.

Manchester City of England is the last to win the Club World Cup (Getty) winwin

The program of football matches will expand next season, as the Champions League and the European League “Europa League” will each witness eight matches for each team in the group stage, compared to six this season. The number of clubs participating in the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League will increase to 36 in each.

Carlo Ancelotti reveals his childhood team

Away from the Club World Cup, and during the interview, Carlo talked about several aspects of his life. He said: “In my childhood, I was an Inter fan, because my cousin Amedeo Corione gave me a Nerazzurri shirt. Sandro Mazzola was my hero.”

Carlo Ancelotti added: “After that, Milan holds a place in my heart because I played and trained there. Real Madrid entered my life when I was facing them as a player. When he was talking about the big rivals in Europe, Real Madrid was the first name.”

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