Real Madrid players’ numbers for next season announced

Real Madrid announced the shirt numbers of its players for the new sports season 2024-25, including the shirt number that the new arrival, the French international, will wear. Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe is set to wear the number (9) shirt with Real Madrid, which is the first time in his professional career that he has obtained this number, while the French national team captain ignored the idea of ​​requesting the number (10) shirt, out of respect for the presence of the veteran Croatian. Luka Modric.

The French striker used to wear the number (29) shirt with Monaco and Paris Saint-Germain, but now he will start wearing the number (9) shirt, in order to establish a new era with The royal club.

Changing the shirts of the Royal Club players

Frenchman Eduardo Camavinga is set to leave jersey number (12) with Los Blancos, in preparation for obtaining jersey number (6), which has become available after the transfer of former captain Nacho Fernandez to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For his part, Uruguayan Federico Valverde will get the number (8) shirt, to succeed German Toni Kroos, who announced his final retirement from football, as getting the number (8) shirt came at the special request of the German star and the fans.

Kylian Mbappe arrives in Madrid next week to sign contracts

Promising players are expected to get the shirts No. (12) and (15) that were left by the duo Camavinga and Valverde, with other players being confirmed if their future with the royal club is confirmed during the current summer transfer period.

A new era begins at Real Madrid

The Royal Club is preparing to start a new era, after an ideal season during which “Los Blancos” won the Spanish League and the Champions League titles.

The Royal Club is looking to strengthen its position at the top of the list of clubs that have won the most Champions League titles, by competing for the first title in the new version of the tournament, after its historical record now includes winning (15) previous titles, armed with several important contracts, most notably Kylian Mbappe.

In addition, the Royal Club, led by the veteran Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti, aspires to retain the Spanish League title and win it for the 37th time in its history, as it is in the lead with 36 titles, 9 full titles ahead of Barcelona, ​​the runner-up.

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