Real Madrid player turns into coach in the UEFA Euro 2024

Real Madrid player David Alaba is heading to miss participating in the 2024 European Nations Cup with his country, Austria, due to suffering from a severe injury that will prevent him from participating in the general football event.

Last December, Alaba suffered a serious knee injury with his club, Real Madrid, as a result of which he underwent surgery that kept him out of the field for a long period, and his return to competition will not happen before the start of next season.

The Real Madrid player will miss the Austrian national team, which is expected to participate in the “euro“It is scheduled to be held between June 14 and July 14 in Germany in Group Four, alongside the Netherlands, France and Poland teams.

A Real Madrid player is proposed to the coaching staff of the Austrian national team within the “Euro”

Reveal the locationReliefThe Spaniard said that German coach Ralf Rangnick, coach of Austria, suggested that Real Madrid player Alaba be part of the coaching staff of the Austrian national team during the European Nations Cup, in order to compensate for his absence from the competition as a player due to injury.

According to the same source, Rangnick knows that Alaba is the captain of the Austrian national team, and his presence with the Euro squad is indispensable because of his great value among his fellow players and the great role he can play in the changing rooms.

And feel Left back Alaba is happy and grateful for the new role proposed to him – according to the same source, despite the exclusion of his presence on the touchline accompanying the technical staff of his country during the Euro Championship, he will be within his country’s team system in the competition.

The Italian national team star announces his absence from Euro football (Getty) One Win Winwin

The Austrian international will accompany his country’s national team’s delegation in the 2024 European Nations Cup 100%, and the team’s technical staff, led by coach Rangnick, will rely on him to help his fellow players and push them towards achieving good results in the general football event.

For reference, Real Madrid player Alaba has 105 international matches with his country, Austria, in which he scored 15 goals and provided 21 assists. He previously participated in the European Nations Cup in two editions, in 2016 and 2021, as a player with the Austrian national team, where he was eliminated from the first round in the first edition. He reached the quarter-finals in the second edition.

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