Real Madrid and Barcelona stars.. Violence and fights in the Copa America Clasico!

The Uruguay-Brazil match in the quarter-finals of the Copa America 2024, with the attendance of Real Madrid and Barcelona stars, witnessed a heated confrontation as expected, as the match was characterized by extreme tension and violent play from the first minutes, and sometimes it reached the point of quarrels.

The Brazilian national team bid farewell to the Copa America tournament in the quarter-finals at the hands of Uruguay after losing to them at dawn on Sunday, on penalties (2-4) after the match ended in a goalless draw.

Confrontations erupted between the players, with violent clashes and blows being the predominant feature, especially at the beginning of this major classic in South American football.

Real Madrid and Barcelona stars make history in Copa del Rey Clasico

The start of the match was full of excitement, as the clash between the players began early. The young Brazilian Endrick, the new Real Madrid star, who replaced the suspended Vinicius Junior, was one of the first to cause clashes.

In one of the balls, Endrick rushed headlong towards Uruguay defender Ronald Araujo, Barcelona player, which resulted in a clash between the players. Araujo did not hesitate to respond to Endrick’s intervention, as he pushed him hard without the ball, expressing his dissatisfaction with the violent intervention.

Strong reactions and continuous escalation

Things did not stop at this first clash, but the stars of Real Madrid and Barcelona continued to make the event, as events escalated further.

A few minutes later, as Araujo was preparing to join his teammates for a corner, he pushed Endrick again, this time from behind while play was stopped. It was a moment that The spark that ignited the tension More between the two teams.

Endrick wasn’t the only one who felt angry at the behaviour, with his teammate Rafinha also stepping up to defend him. The right winger, who plays alongside Araujo at Barcelona, ​​didn’t hesitate to step in and confront his club mate, expressing his displeasure at Endrick’s unjustified push.

A verbal altercation and a fight broke out between Rafinha and Araujo, which led to the latter falling to the ground. Things did not escalate further, as the referee intervened to resolve the dispute and prevent the situation from escalating. Real Madrid stars Rodrygo and Endrick were not spared from the violent interventions of their teammate in the royal club, the Uruguayan Valverde.

Brazil coach

These clashes, which were led by Real Madrid and Barcelona stars, contributed to increasing tension on the pitch, as the players focused more on physical and violent challenges rather than on collective and offensive play.

The match was not spared from repeated interruptions due to violent interventions and protests between players, which made it chaotic at times. These events reflect the intense competition between the two teams and the great desire to win and qualify for the advanced stages of the Copa America 2024.

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