Real Madrid and Barcelona stars make history in Spain-Germany summit

Real Madrid and Barcelona stars dominated the first half of the Germany-Spain summit, in the quarter-finals. Euro 2024.

It started with Toni Kroos’ violent interventions from the first moments of the first half, as the recently retired Real Madrid star committed four harsh fouls against the Spanish players, without the referee Anthony Taylor showing him a yellow card, which angered the Spanish fans and their coach noticeably.

For his part, German Antonio Rudiger, Real Madrid defender, returned to stir up controversy again after a rough intervention in the (13) minute against striker Dani Olmo, which prompted the referee to show him a yellow card, confirming his absence from the semi-final match of Euro 2024, if he arrives. Germans To the next round.

Real Madrid and Barcelona stars dominate the scene

On Barcelona’s part, the most prominent event was the injury suffered by the promising Spanish player, Pedri, which forced him to leave the match early, specifically in the eighth minute.

Barcelona’s talent was a victim of Toni Kroos’ violence after the latter’s strong intervention on the (21)-year-old player in minute (6), so the (21)-year-old player found himself forced to leave the field two minutes later due to injury.

Pedri, Spain midfielder

Although the camera lenses captured Toni Kroos apologizing to Pedri, anger took over the Spanish fans, confirming that the conflict between the two Spanish giants was one of the motives behind Pedri’s injury.

Some have accused Kroos of deliberately injuring Pedri, based on another violent tackle by the veteran German star on Barcelona’s other promising prospect Lamine Yamal, but the latter managed to escape another certain injury.

Violent interventions do not seem to be a style that Kroos is accustomed to in his football career, which led some to say that the enmity between the two Spanish rivals was the reason behind the German star’s unjustified violence in front of the stars. Spain In the match.

It is worth noting that five players from Real Madrid and Barcelona entered the starting line-up of the German and Spanish national teams in the match, with three players from Spain: Pedri and Lamine Yamal (Barcelona), Dani Carvajal (Real Madrid), in addition to the German duo Toni Kroos and Antonio Rudiger (Real Madrid).

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