Rating of Portugal and Turkey players in Euro 2024

The summit witnessed Portugal and Turkey in the sixth group of Euro 2024A huge victory for Brazil in Europe, 3-0, on a night that witnessed the brilliance of many Portuguese players, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes.

Helplessness took over my players Turkish national team Against Portugal, in the midst of complete surrender, the Turks fell three times, during a confrontation in which the promising Arda Guler only participated as a substitute in the 70th minute.

The most prominent feature of the confrontation between Portugal and Turkey was Samet Akaydin, the Turkish national team defender, scoring a strange goal against his team, when he returned the ball to his goalkeeper, who was not standing in his correct position, and the ball tumbled into the net amid great Portuguese joy.

With this result it is issued Portugal national team Group Six standings with 6 points, while Turkey fell to second place after its score froze at 3 points, and the Czech Republic and Georgia occupied third and fourth places in the group with one point each.

After the victory over Turkey, the Portuguese team secured qualification to the round of 16 and took the top spot in its group, becoming the third team to reserve its place in this round after the host Germany and Spain.

Bernardo Silva tops the rating of Portuguese and Turkish players

reviewed the platformSofa ScoreThe most prominent numbers for the confrontation that brought together Portugal and Turkey tonight, as Bernardo Silva, the star of Manchester City and the Portuguese national team, topped the highest ratings after obtaining (8.2) points in the match.

This came after the 29-year-old player played all the minutes of the match, scoring the first goal for his country, touching the ball 69 times, and with a pass accuracy of up to 92%.

Own goal from Türkiye against Portugal

In second place, Bruno Fernandes came with a rating of (7.9) points, while the legend Cristiano Ronaldo ranked third among the best-rated players with a rating of (7.7) points.

On the other hand, three players from the Turkish national team received the worst ratings ever, with an average of (6.3) points, and they are the defense trio, Abdul Karim Bardaksi, Zeki Celik, and Samet Aydin, who scored the strange goal against his team.

Evaluation of Portugal’s key players

Player Evaluation
Diogo Costa 7.4
Joao Cancelo 6.8
Robin Diaz 7.0
baby 7.0
Nuno Mendes 7.4
Vitinia 7.1
Joao Ballinia 6.8
Bernardo Silva 8.2
Bruno Fernandes 7.9
Raphael Leo 6.4
Cristiano Ronaldo 7.7

Evaluation of Portugal’s reserve players

Player Evaluation
Ruben Neves 7.0
Pedro Neto 6.5
Nelson Semedo 6.4
Antonio Neves 6.5
Joao Neves 6.7

Evaluation of Türkiye’s main players

Player Evaluation
Altai Binder 6.1
Ferdi Kadioglu 6.9
Abdul Karim Bardaxi 6.3
Zaki Celik 6.3
Akiden said yes 6.3
It was Ayhan 6.5
Hakin Calhanoglu 7.2
Yunus Akgün 6.5
Orkun Kokchu 6.5
Kerim Akturkoglu 6.5
Paris Yilmaz 6.6

Evaluation of Türkiye’s reserve players

Player Evaluation
Youssef Yazisi 6.6
Arda Guler 6.6
Ismail Yuksek 6.8
Kenan Yildiz 6.7
You go, Demiral 6.7

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