Raafat Ali.. “Picasso” returns to draw titles with Al-Wahdat!

Raafat Ali, the former legendary star of the team, is back. Units Jordanian, to practice his favorite talent of drawing and sculpting titles with the club where he grew up and became known.

Last Saturday, the seasoned coach recorded his first achievements at the coaching level with Al-Wehdat team, when he led them to win a title Jordan Cup After defeating Al-Hussein Irbid in the final match with a score of 2-1.

It was not easy to achieve the title with Al-Wehdat Club, which was suffering from difficult circumstances, most notably the lack of technical stability, as Raafat was the fourth coach to take over the task this season, after Bosnian Darko Nesterovic, Omani Rashid Jaber, and Amjad Abu Taima.

Picasso.. the crowd’s favorite

Raafat Ali is considered a legendary star among Al-Wehdat Club fans, as he was a distinguished player throughout his career with the football team and contributed to achieving more than 30 local titles. Al-Wehdat Club fans lived through the most difficult times when he officially announced his retirement from football, specifically 10 years ago.

He was known for his love and affiliation with the Green Castle, and he was able to win the hearts of the team’s fans thanks to his constant brilliance, creativity, and scoring decisive goals. He was a skilled player and an artist at handling the ball, so experts called him “Picasso.”

Raafat Ali was considered one of the most generous Al-Wahdat players throughout the history of the club’s stars when he retired at the age of 39. He represented the Al-Nashama national team many times and contributed to achieving many successes.

A mission in difficult circumstances

Raafat did not hesitate to accept the task of coaching Al-Wahdat despite the difficult circumstances the team was experiencing, as it was eliminated early from the AFC Cup and its chances of competing for the title increased. Jordanian League Need a miracle.

The ambitious coach faced many challenges, including the limited number of players capable of adding to the team. Especially in the midfield and attack, however, he tried to adapt to what was available.

He also did not benefit much from the services of half the team, which suffered from multiple injuries, namely Tariq Khattab, Bahaa Faisal, Ahmed Samir, and Mahmoud Zaatara, and Anas Al-Awadat and Muhammad Abu Zureiq “Sharara” also missed some matches due to injury.

Amidst these circumstances, Raafat Ali did not give up the banner, but continued with the mission and found in the Jordan Cup Championship an opportunity to reconcile with the fans. The team’s journey in the Jordan Cup Championship was not easy, due to the limited capabilities of some players and the injury of others since the beginning of the season, and the club did not benefit from them.

The first title…perseverance and diligence

Raafat Ali appeared confident in his statements that he would make from time to time, as he explicitly promised the team’s fans that he would strive to win the Jordan Cup title. The coach faced a challenge with himself, and worked hard to please the team’s fans and achieve the first official title in his coaching career after he had previously led them to win the Jerusalem and Dignity Championship that took place in Palestine.

Al-Wahdat wins the Jordan Cup title

Raafat Ali, with the available capabilities of the Al-Wahdat team, led to victory over Al-Ramtha with a score of 3-1, and the team was with ten players from the 15th minute. After that, Shabab Al-Urdun passed with a goal, and then Al-Wahdat reached the final match, so that the responsibility doubled on the coach, as winning the Jordan Cup title would mean a lot to his team, and that. It consists of saving the season, reconciling with the fans, and deciding participation in the AFC Champions League (2), which is the participation that guarantees the units access to 300 thousand dollars.

In the final match, Al-Wahdat faced Al-Hussein Irbid, the “local league champion”, and the preference in deciding the title went to the latter, as he lives in the best moral, technical and financial conditions, but Raafat defied expectations and succeeded in leading his team to victory over the league champion (2-1), and retaining the title. Jordan Cup for the second season in a row.

Renewal of Raafat Ali’s contract

After completing this difficult task, 49-year-old Raafat Ali deserves to renew his contract to lead the team next season, as he confirmed in a press statement yesterday, Sunday, that he does not have any answer regarding the next stage, knowing that his contract ended after the end of the Jordan Cup Championship.

Al-Wehdat Club management may move towards appreciating Raafat Ali, either by renewing his contract or guaranteeing his work with the team’s next technical staff, whether foreign or Arab.

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