Qatar’s hosting of the Arab Cup is a great idea

Ramzi Saleh, goalkeeper of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, praised…Palestine national team Previously, on the decision to organize Qatar’s Arab Cup in the next three editions.

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) had announced that the organization of the Arab Cup, in the 2025, 2029 and 2033 editions, would be assigned to Qatar, with the competition being held by invitation outside the dates of the international agenda.

It is noteworthy that Qatar organized the last edition of the Arab Cup 2021, which enjoyed resounding success, and the Algerian national team was crowned with the title at the expense of Tunisia in the final match.

Ramzi Saleh comments on Qatar’s hosting of the Arab Cup

Ramzi Saleh said in exclusive statements to winwin: “After Qatar organized the World Cup and…Asia Cup And the Arab Cup, in my opinion, if we want any tournament to be successful, it must be assigned to Qatar.”

Saleh added: “In all the previous tournaments that it organized, Qatar proved its worth and gained the respect of the world with more than wonderful organization, and the fans were always entertained. There is also an important aspect that Qatar is doing, which is that it is keen to spread our Islamic customs and Arab heritage, and this represents a wonderful success for the country. Organizing the Arab Cup in Qatar is a great idea to make the tournament a success.”

Qatar is preparing to host a new edition of the Arab One Cup Winwin Championship

Regarding the Palestine national team, Ramzi Saleh said: “The Palestine national team is a special case, suffering from many difficulties at all levels, but its presence in major tournaments is a message that we deliver through football, a message of determination that the Palestinian people exist and the State of Palestine exists by raising the Palestinian flag and playing the national anthem.” “The Palestinians in the largest forums, whether Asian or Arab.”

i finished Ramzi Saleh He said: “This would consolidate our identity in light of the genocide and in light of the systematic obliteration of identity carried out by the occupation army. Football now delivers messages, and our message is a message of determination. The presence of the Palestine national team in those forums is very important for us as Palestinians to consolidate identity.” .

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