Pyramids attacks the Football Association and threatens to resort to FIFA!

Pyramids Club expressed in an official statement, today, Monday, its objection to the decision Egyptian Professional Clubs Association Regarding the completion of the remaining match against Smouha, within the matches of the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League, in a match that will be held tomorrow, Tuesday.

The match between Al-Ahram Club andSmouha Alexandria, due to the fire incident that broke out in Alexandria Stadium, which caused smoke to spread in the stadium and the main box, after a fire broke out inside the cable control room.

The club, owned by the Emirati businessman, Salem Al-Shamsi, said in a lengthy statement: “The Pyramids Club expresses its astonishment at the strange decision, which violates all regulations, by the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association, to complete the remainder of the team’s match against Smouha, under the same conditions that existed during the match that was canceled by a decision of The association had already decided, and what made the decision even more astonishing was that it was sent and officially announced only 24 hours before the meeting.”

The club added in its statement: “Taking this decision indicates a lack of awareness or understanding of the most basic fundamentals of sports, the health of players and their psychological and physical preparation, and maintaining their safety, after the decision of the Clubs Association at a late time for the team to travel to another city 200 km away from Cairo, to play a match against another team in different circumstances, without taking into account the organizational and logistical work of transportation, hotel reservations, training grounds, recovery facilities, food, medical and security equipment, which are prepared in advance, which negatively affects all natural preparations for any match.”

New crisis in the Egyptian Olympic team due to the Al-Ahly duo

Pyramids expressed their astonishment at the decisions and media statements made by the club association officials, even before the match ended, and their attempt to force the team to accept the fait accompli of replaying the match, then backtracking and issuing the new decision late, so that there would be no room for objection and grievance against the decision, according to the simplest rules of procedural justice. Rather, the first official in the club association came out, disregarding the regulations, and confirming that the association has every right to make whatever decisions it deems appropriate outside the regulations, stressing that matters cannot be managed through whims, and Egyptian football is bigger than to be controlled according to personal whims in this manner.

Pyramids intends to resort to the Sports Court in the Smouha match crisis

Pyramids stressed that, based on what happened in this file, it reserves its full right to take all necessary legal measures against that decision, and to escalate the case to the International Sports Court, the International Federation of Football Associations, and the Federal Court, to obtain the club’s rights wasted by the Club Association and officials. Egyptian football, and their violation of the league regulations and failure to apply prompt justice, which required Pyramids to be awarded the full match points.

Al-Ahram Club stressed that such decisions raise doubts and questions about the desire of those in charge of managing Egyptian football to seek to establish the rules of fair competition and justice among all parties that seek with honor and struggle to win the Egyptian Premier League title, stressing the club’s determination and insistence on continuing until the end in the competition for the league title that it leads, despite the many challenges and interventions that added difficulties and obstacles to the league’s progress this year.

The club also stressed the importance of the role of refereeing, as a key element in the system, in managing matches in a professional manner. The club sent many correspondence to the Club Association and the Football Association to complain about this matter. The club adds its voice to those calling for the necessity of having a transparent and public mechanism to hold referees accountable and punish those who err. As well as appreciating and motivating those who perform professional sports; This will have the greatest impact in giving a positive impetus to the referees and the participating teams alike.

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