Project of the Century: Details of the construction of the new Al-Ahly Stadium

Al-Ahly Club’s Board of Directors, headed by the captain, is preparing Mahmoud Al-KhatibTo build the new Al-Ahly Stadium in Sheikh Zayed City, which is described as the “Project of the Century.”

The cost of the Century Project is expected to reach 12 billion Egyptian pounds, and Al-Ahly Club relies on 4 basic points in this project, in terms of the land on which it will be built, the design of the stadium, approvals and licenses, and financing.

Details of Al-Ahly Stadium

The club will not bear any financial burdens to complete the project, and the financing is scheduled to come from the companies with which Al-Ahly signed the agreement with a usufruct right for a period of 25 years, and after 15 years, the Red Castle will reap some of the returns, as 16 Egyptian and Emirati companies will undertake the financing.

Al-Ahly Club’s Board of Directors refused to obtain loans like European clubs; But the club resorted to the second method, which was followed among European clubs through the usufruct system, with the financing companies being responsible for management and resources for a period of 25 years, after which ownership would be transferred to Al-Ahly Club.

Al-Ahly decides to fine Afsha financially because of his winwin statements

The stadium’s capacity in the first phase will reach 22,000 fans, with the same number being built in the second phase, bringing the total stadium capacity to 44,000 fans. Yesterday, Tuesday, June 4, Al-Ahly Club held the inauguration ceremony of the new Al-Ahly Stadium, “Project of the Century”, at the club’s branch in Sheikh Zayed.

The Al-Ahly Club celebration witnessed the arrival of a number of players The red genieThe coaching staff of the first team, led by Swiss Marcel Kohler, and a number of symbols and legends of the Red Castle. The ceremony was also attended by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, and Hani Abu Raida, former President of the Egyptian Football Association.

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