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Brazilian striker Yann Sassi is one of the notable signings in the Tunisian league this season, as he moved to Nadi Esperance Sports In the summer Mercato 2023, coming from New Zealand’s Wellinton on a free transfer.

The 26-year-old striker quickly adapted to the “Sheikh of Tunisian Clubs” brigade, contributing to the approaching victory of the title. Tunisian League In their favor, in addition to qualifying for the CAF Champions League final.

Sassi participated in his team’s defeat by Esperance against Al-Ahly club in the CAF Champions League final. But he and his team guaranteed qualification to the 2025 Club World Cup, the awaited tournament that the Tunisian team is looking forward to in the hope of achieving a historic achievement that can be credited to them.

Interview the site “win win“Ian Sassi to talk about his first season in Esperance and several other matters, and here is the text of the interview.

The Brazilian striker said: “It has been a great season. We have achieved great results so far and I have easily adapted to the country and the club very naturally. I have rediscovered the joy of playing football and I am very happy with everything that has happened up to this moment.”

He continued: “I think that the reception of the fans to me since my arrival greatly facilitated my adaptation to the team. They made me feel comfortable on the field, in the first training sessions. This reception, not only as a player, but as a new foreigner in a new country, was the difference.”

Regarding his impression of African football in general and the Tunisian league in particular, Yann Sassi said: “I see it as very professional and organized football and capable of doing great work for the benefit of the African continent. African fans are very passionate about football. They are very similar to Brazilian fans. So it was I have a very positive impression from the beginning and I am having fun.”

Regarding his opinion of Esperance coach Miguel Cardoso, Yann Sassi explained, saying: “He is a coach with great technical competence. He is young, has good ideas for playing, and he helped me a lot in this first year at the club.”

Regarding his approach to winning the Tunisian League title with his team, he added: “Arriving at the club and in the first season being close to achieving the local league is a very excellent thing. It is evidence that the work was done well, the team was always focused on this goal. Now we have to.” Confirm that on the field.”

Yann Sassi regrets losing the CAF Champions League title

Speaking about the CAF Champions League final, Yann Sassi stressed: “It was a great final worthy of the continent. Al-Ahly is a strong club not only in Egypt, but also in African football, and we also have a strong squad. Some difficult decisions decided the Al-Ahly title. Unfortunately.” We did not succeed, but we are proud of our competitiveness.”

He added: “I think that the goal we received at the beginning of the match had a little impact on our strategy for the return match. I still believe that we played a good match against a big team. The final is always full of details, and our team almost won the continental title and we were very close to that. This is part of the the game”.

He added, “Al-Ahly is a very traditional club and well known on the continent. It participates in the Club World Cup regularly, and shows well in the African Champions League. Work is what built its reputation. The player who caught my attention most in the two matches was Emam Ashour.”

Regarding whether he believes that the referee influenced the outcome of the match, as some Tunisian analysts believe, he said: “I think that talking about arbitration is a relative matter. I do not like to complain or focus on mistakes. In both matches, our team tried to achieve victory regardless of side issues. “It was a big final, and every team deserved to win, and Al-Ahly was more fortunate in the end.”

Ian Sassi concluded his talk about the Champions League by saying: “I do not see many differences regarding the final compared to other countries and continents in which I have played. As for the final system, I think it can be played in one match and on a neutral field. I think it will be more exciting and exciting.”

Esperance and Sun Downs

Regarding qualifying for the 2025 Club World Cup in America, he said: “It was one of the most important goals of our season. Attending this first edition of the new system of the competition is something historic. I think it will attract the attention of the whole world and will be an opportunity for greater exchange between clubs from different continents. I think we will make every effort.” We will do our best and deliver a performance worthy of the club’s traditions.”

When asked if he might represent the Tunisian national team in the future, his compatriot Rodrigo Rodriguez welcomed him by saying:win winLike Clayton and Dos Santos, Ian Sassi said: “It is too early to talk. I’m still in my first year in Tunisia and the world of football is always changing. “That could be a future possibility, and I would look at it very responsibly.”

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