Prison and military trial.. Walid Dabbas reveals the backstage of Ahmed Refaat’s crisis

Walid Dabbas, the president of Modern Sport Club, came out to reveal all the details of the crisis of the late player Ahmed Refaat, which erupted in the Egyptian football arena after the television interview of his agent, Nader Shawky, yesterday, Friday.

Nader Shawky had confirmed that Ahmed Refaat had been in a bad psychological state due to not obtaining a legal permit to travel to the Emirates to play professionally for Al Wahda Club, as he was wanted for military service, and he accused the club’s management of not helping him, which led to his career being ruined.

Walid Dabbas told Al-Hadath Al-Youm channel: “Modern Sport stood by Ahmed Refaat without any benefit throughout his crisis, without outbidding anyone, including his agent, Nader Shawky.”

Nader Shawky had mocked a published letter from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, granting Ahmed Refaat a three-month internship with Al-Wehda Club, saying: “How can an international player of this age undergo internship? This is something that happens to young players.”

Here came Walid Dabbas’ response, who said: “The club asked the Ministry of Sports to inquire about the player’s situation during his travel, and we obtained a 3-month permit for cohabitation. The word ‘cohabitation’ does not mean that he chose him there, but it is a normal word that is used naturally in all permits.”

He stressed: “The club’s role ended after obtaining the permit. What complicated the situation is that the Armed Forces Secretariat rejected the decision of the Ministry of Sports to extend Ahmed Refaat’s travel period, and at that time he was present in the Emirates, and that is why the crisis occurred.”

New details about the death of player Ahmed Refaat, who played for the Egyptian team Modern Sport (X / Modern Sport)

He continued: “After Rafat’s return in January, he continued with the team normally until September, and when the team was preparing to travel to play a match in the Confederation Cup, we were surprised that Rafat was banned from traveling due to the conscription crisis.”

“I sat with Ahmed Refaat and he told me the whole story. I asked him about not turning himself in to the armed forces after his return. But he told me that he was afraid of that,” he added. “We agreed that the player would turn himself in to his military unit, and here the natural thing is that he would be imprisoned, but that did not happen. He was placed in the Military Sports Authority center with a noble stance from the recruitment authority, and this always happens with athletes and football players.”

Walid Dabbas continued by saying: “Ahmed Refaat lived in a room in the sports department, and he trained alone. Here, the Tala’ea El-Geish club was surprised because he was a big and international player, and they decided to make him train normally with the team so that he could maintain his fitness and so that he would not feel like he was serving a prison sentence.”

Walid Dabbas confirms that Ahmed Refaat has been sentenced to prison

He continued: “Ahmed Refaat was investigated and went to the military court. Modern Sport Club appointed lawyers for him. He was asked about his absence from military service, and he was sentenced to one year in prison.”

He added: “No one knew about all these matters, and we tried to resolve the crisis, and in the end we succeeded in cooperating with the minister and the concerned authorities to reduce the sentence to only two months instead of a year, which the player spent in the Military Sports Authority Center.”

Walid Dabbas concluded his statements by saying that Ahmed Refaat was treated properly, did not spend a single day in prison, the story was over, and he was preparing to travel to play professionally. He concluded: “This is the truth and all the measures taken by Modern Sport Club are completely correct.”

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