“Presidential” inauguration of the historic Mouloudia Club of Algiers stadium

The Shahid Ali Amar Stadium (Douira) in the Algerian capital is expected to be officially inaugurated tomorrow, Wednesday, July 3, amid reports that Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, the first architect of the idea of ​​presenting this new stadium as a gift to the historic Mouloudia Club of Algiers, which has a huge fan base in Algeria, will be in attendance.

A special source told “win winThe inauguration of the new stadium will most likely be attended by Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who will be accompanied by the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, in his capacity as the official body supervising the construction works of this masterpiece stadium, built according to international specifications and standards.

In August 2021, on the centenary of the founding of the Mouloudia Club of Algiers, the Algerian President announced the granting of the Martyr Ali Amar Stadium, known as “Ali La Pointe” in the city of Douera in the capital, as a gift. For the Algerian club The veteran, and President Tebboune congratulated the Mouloudia of Algiers team, on the occasion of the centenary of its founding.

The Algerian president at the time said in his regular meeting with the Algerian media: “There is no Algerian who does not appreciate the Mouloudia team, because its name is linked to the liberation revolution,” and he continued: “We decided to put the Douera stadium at the disposal of Mouloudia Algiers, because they deserve it, and God willing, from one victory to another.”

Presidential decree to determine the name of the stadium that will be donated to Mouloudia d’Alger

The new stadium was named after the martyr “Ali Amar”, nicknamed “Ali La Pointe” during the Algerian Revolution (1954-1962). The decision to name the “Ali Amar” stadium after the “dean” of Algerian teams came by presidential decree No. 23-385 dated October 30, 2023 in issue 69 of the Official Gazette.

The presidential decree stipulates granting the rights to use the stadium to the Mouloudia Club of Algiers, with all its spaces, structures, units, equipment and attached buildings.

The decree obliges the Algerian team to ensure the proper management of the sports facility and to commit to its preservation and maintenance. The decree calls on the “dean” to place the stadium structures at the disposal of the Algerian Football Federation and any other sports organization according to rules determined by the operating agreements.

Douera Stadium, a new architectural masterpiece

The Ali Amar Stadium (Douira), which can accommodate 40,000 fans, is added to the series of new or completely renovated international stadiums that have been inaugurated in recent years in Algeria, such as the Nelson Mandela Stadium in the Algerian capital, and the Miloud Hadefi Stadium in the city of Oran, west of the Algerian capital.

In addition to the Chahid Hamlaoui stadium in Constantine and the May 19 stadium in Annaba, east of the Algerian capital, which were completely renovated to host the matches of the 2022 African Nations Championship, which took place in early 2023 in Algeria.

Libyan Hamdou Elhouni, former player of Moroccan Wydad

Another world-class stadium is expected to be inaugurated in the coming period. It is the stadium of the late Mujahid Hussein Ait Ahmed in the Tizi Ouzou province, east of the capital, which will be allocated to the JS Kabylie club. The new Algerian stadiums have received international acclaim for their modern engineering designs and their compliance with international standards.

The Mouloudia Club of Algiers will launch its participation next season in the competition. African Champions League At the new stadium, in a qualitative shift for the Algerian club that aims to win the continental competition under the leadership of its great star, Youssef Belaili.

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