Predicting the End.. Shocking Convergence in the Death of Mohamed Abdel Wahab and Ahmed Refaat

The death of the Egyptian national team winger and Modern Sport player, Ahmed RefaatA shock that shook the pillars of Egyptian football, brought back almost the same shocking feelings and reminded everyone of a shocking incident that occurred 18 years ago, represented by the death of Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the former left-back of Al-Ahly Club, who died in the prime of his youth after a heart attack struck him during the morning training of the Red Devils.

Rafat had fallen on the ground of the Alexandria stadium during the match. Alexandria Union And Modern Sport (Modern Future at the time) in the Egyptian League, after a heart attack that struck him before he was transferred to the hospital, and a similar thing happened to the former Al-Ahly star before the death of Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, which is his fall during training.

Rafat lived in critical condition for several days, before regaining consciousness and then beginning his recovery journey, after being between life and death. After waking up, he returned to trying to resume his life normally again, but days did not pass before the news of the player’s death came as a thunderbolt to the Egyptian fans, which put everyone in a state of great shock.

Many fans remembered the shock of Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s passing in August 2006, which had a shocking connection to the death of the former Zamalek star, especially in predicting the death and the cause of the tragedy that caused them to leave our world.

How did Al-Ahly player Mohamed Abdel-Wahab die?

On the morning of Thursday, August 31, 2006, the first football team players were At Al-Ahly ClubThey were training without the internationals – who were participating in the national team camp in preparation for the match against Burundi in the African Nations Cup qualifiers – and suddenly Mohamed Abdel Wahab fell to the ground of the “Mukhtar El-Tetsh” stadium, the training headquarters of the Red Devils.

The stories about the moment of Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s death say that Amir Abdel Hamid – Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper at the time – said while laughing: “Get up, Mohamed!”; but the latter did not respond, so Al-Ahly’s doctor at the time, Ihab Ali, ran towards the team player and asked for the ambulance to come immediately, amid a state of astonishment.

The training session was cancelled and all the players went to a hospital near the club to check on their colleague, but the doctor told them that Mohamed Abdel Wahab had died of a heart attack.

But in fact, this was not the first time that the virtuous man, who died at the age of 23, had fainted. He had also fainted during the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match in the Egypt Cup final in 2006, a few months before his death, specifically on June 16, when he fell unconscious in the second half without moving a muscle. His teammates and the medical staff rushed to him, fearing that something bad had happened to him. The match was stopped for a few minutes before he regained consciousness and completed the match.

It was said at the time that the reason for Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s fall was that he was hit in the head with an elbow by Zamalek defender Mahmoud Mahmoud in order to justify the incident, which was denied by the Zamalek player, before Ihab Ali, the Al-Ahly club doctor, confirmed that the player had suffered previous heart attacks, stressing that he was performing well.

He predicted his death and refused to return to Al Dhafra for the sake of Al Ahli!

Just one day before his death, Abdel Wahab wrote: “My soul does not cry over something that has gone, and my soul that owns everything is going.” This sentence was on a piece of paper and he hung it inside the locker room at Al-Ahly Club. He told his teammates that he felt that his end was near and that it would be like his young friend Ahmed Wahid, who had died a few days before Abdel Wahab’s death.

The death of Ahmed Refaat brings to mind tragic incidents in the history of Egyptian football.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab was playing with Al Ahly on loan from Al Dhafra of the UAE, who had signed him after his brilliance in the 2003 FIFA U-20 World Cup in the UAE. In his second season with the Red Devils, Abdel Wahab became an important player, as was the case with the Egyptian national team, especially after his positive participation in the Pharaohs’ victory in the 2006 African Cup of Nations, after which he became one of the most prominent stars of the Red Castle.

Before the start of the 2006-07 season, Mohamed Abdel Wahab lived through a very difficult period, after Al Dhafra officials delayed Al Ahli’s offer to include the player permanently in the team’s ranks, after his loan period ended, which kept the player away from Al Ahli in the opening matches of the quarter-finals of the 2006 African Champions League, before the efforts of the Red Club succeeded in bringing the viewpoints closer with the Emirati Al Dhafra Club and a final agreement was reached for Abdel Wahab to join the team, but fate did not give the player time, as he passed away and went to be with his Lord, so his eventful career came to an end despite his short life.

Mohamed Abdel Wahab won the Egyptian Premier League twice with Al-Ahly, the Egypt Cup in 2006, the Egyptian Super Cup in 2005, the African Champions League in 2005 and 2006, the African Super Cup in 2006, and the African Nations Cup with the Pharaohs in the same year.

Fall on the field and return from professionalism

After nearly two decades of Mohamed Abdel Wahab’s death, the same scenes have returned and been repeated once again, but with the late Ahmed Refaat, who appeared in a television interview last month and hinted that his health had deteriorated due to his poor psychological state, and he confirmed that there was someone who caused what happened to him, confirming that his agent, Nader Shawky, knows what happened.

During his conversation with “Ibrahim Fayek” on “Al-Masry Al-Youm” satellite channel,MBC Egypt 2“Refaat, like Abdel Wahab, predicted his death and the possibility of his heart stopping again, as happened in the match against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria in the sixteenth round of the Egyptian League.

Three months ago, Rafat held the fans’ breath after suffering a heart attack that caused him to suddenly faint, without any intervention, before the end of the Future match against Al-Ittihad Alexandria, which was held on March 11, which caused a state of panic among his colleagues, and Ahmed Rafat was immediately transferred to the hospital, and stayed in a hospital in Alexandria Governorate.

Before that heart attack, Rafat suffered a crisis similar to what happened to Abdel Wahab, but it was more severe and difficult, when his club loaned him to the ranks of Al Wahda in the Emirates, while he was dreaming of playing professionally, before the contract was terminated after only 3 months, and the player returned to Egypt again.

During the last TV interview of the late Ahmed Refaat, he revealed through statements that sparked controversy and anger among the fans after his death, as the player said that he was exposed to a crisis and great injustice “that did not happen to a football player, but to any human being before”, stressing that there was an official who was a direct cause of creating his health crisis, due to the great pressures he was exposed to during the past period.

His agent, Nader Shawky, revealed that the deceased suffered from a problem after being loaned to Al-Wahda, as he felt that he had left the country illegally, and his club had to complete the procedures for obtaining his travel permits, and he was surprised that his travel was illegal, which made him terminate his contract with Al-Wahda and stay in the Emirates for a month, which caused him to enter a bad psychological state; He was also afraid to return to Egypt due to the illegality of his travel for fear of being arrested. Here, the Future management demanded the necessity of resolving the crisis; but they did not move and left the player without a solution to his crisis.

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