Portugal reach Euro quarter-finals despite Oblak’s nose by eliminating Slovenia

Portugal reached the quarter-finals European Nations Cup After defeating Slovenia on penalties (3-0), following a goalless draw between the two teams in regular and extra time.

The Portugal-Slovenia match was held at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt, in front of a crowd of 47,000.

The Portuguese team entered the match with the goal of scoring an early goal, and after four minutes, they posed the first threat to the Slovenian goal, after a wonderful cross from Bruno Fernandes that passed Cristiano Ronaldo and was followed by Rafael Leao, but Jan Krancnik cleared it to a corner.

The Portuguese attempts continued, and Bruno Fernandes tried to threaten the Slovenian defenses and fired a rocket shot in the (25) minute, but goalkeeper Jan Oblak saved the ball.

Oblak continued his brilliance in the match and denied Cristiano Ronaldo a distinctive header in the (31) minute, which the Portuguese turned towards the goal with a perfect header after a “sizeable” cross from Joao Cancelo.

In the (34) minute, Ronaldo tried again to threaten the Slovenian team’s goal, from a direct free kick and fired a rocket shot, but it went over goalkeeper Oblak’s goal.

The result did not change at the end of the first half, despite the many attempts by the Portuguese to snatch the first goal, but the teammates of goalkeeper Jan Oblak stopped all the attempts of the 2016 European champion.

Jan Oblak frustrates Portugal and Ronaldo

The Portuguese team entered the second half with pressure in order to score the first goal and end things early, but the Slovenian defense succeeded in stopping all Portuguese attacks.

Cristiano Ronaldo tried to score in the (56) minute with a powerful shot from a direct free kick, but goalkeeper Jan Oblak excelled and saved the ball.

Vitina tried to score against the Slovenian team a minute later, but the Slovenian team’s defense excelled and cleared the ball, despite the Portuguese pressure that did not stop.

Against the run of play, Portugal almost conceded a goal in the (62) minute after Cechko took off and passed Pepe, but he wasted a clear chance in front of goalkeeper Diogo Costa with a bad shot that went out of the field for a goal kick.

Diogo Jota tried to escape the tight Slovenian defense, and quickly ran towards the goal, but the referee stopped the attack due to an offside situation in the (78) minute.

Slovenia almost snatched a goal in the dying moments, in the (86) minute, after a cross into the penalty area, following a direct free kick, which forced all the Portuguese players to return to defense, including Ronaldo, but Pepe intervened at the right time and cleared the ball.

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Cristiano Ronaldo wasted an unachievable goal opportunity in the (89) minute after the Saudi Al-Nasr star received the ball from Diogo Jota and ran towards the goal and shot the ball with his left foot, but goalkeeper Oblak succeeded in clearing the ball.

Jan Oblak did not let any of the Portuguese players succeed in threatening his goal, and he cleared a dangerous corner kick in the 90+2 minute that was headed towards Ronaldo, but the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper came out of his goal and “punched” the ball with his hand and cleared it outside the penalty area.

Extra time

After the regular time ended in a goalless draw, the two teams went into extra time, and the referee awarded a penalty kick in minute (104), which Cristiano Ronaldo took in minute (105) and shot it hard to the right of the goalkeeper, but Oblak blocked the ball and it hit the post, causing Ronaldo to burst into tears.

Things did not change and the goalless draw continued to dominate the situation between the two teams, so they resorted to penalty kicks, which the Portuguese team won with a score of (3-0) and qualified for the quarter-finals of Euro 2024.

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