Police rely on an important factor to win the Iraq Cup title

The team is counting on the police On the enthusiasm of his team players to win the Iraq Cup title for the first time in the club’s history, as the team has never won the championship since its inception in 1948, as it has remained difficult for the green team, which stumbles whenever it reaches the final stages of the competition.

Assistant coach of the police team, Amr Fathy, said in the press conference for the match: “The police team knows very well the importance of Championship As for the players, the coaching staff and the fans, we are working step by step to reach mental and technical readiness for tomorrow’s match against Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, despite its difficulty and sensitivity.”

Police focus on mental side before Iraq Cup final

He added: “We, the coaching staff, tried to work on the mental side of the team players before facing Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya. We know what the team goes through every year when it reaches the final stages of the tournament. Yes, we need moral, psychological and public support to be able to win the title that the club’s coffers lack.”

He added: “Honestly, we were surprised by the enthusiasm of the police players and their strong desire to win the Iraq Cup title. This great enthusiasm made many things easier for us. I think we do not need to talk much about the preparations because the players feel responsible and know how to manage the match and win it in their favor without a doubt.”

Regarding the team’s absences, Fathi confirmed: “Al-Shorta Club will miss the services of players Abdul Majeed Abu Bakr and Ali Hasni in the Iraq Cup final due to injury, as the two players will be out of the team’s list for tomorrow’s match due to their inability to play, but we trust the rest of the players and their ability to eliminate any differences that may occur in the match.”

Manaf Younis: Winning the league is an additional incentive

For his part, Al-Shorta defender, Manaf Younis, said in the same conference: “Al-Shorta players know what awaits them tomorrow. Before every match, we look at our fans and strive to make them happy by presenting the best levels. I hope that luck will be on our side tomorrow.”

He added: “The coaching staff is constantly working to raise our levels and physical fitness despite the pressure and number of matches. We will implement the tactical plans that have been put in place and each player knows his role and what he can do in the match of the season. We trust in our ability as a cohesive team that recently won the league title.”

Iraqi police

He added: “Honestly, everyone fears the absence of the euphoria of victory after winning the Iraqi Premier League title, but we reassure our fans that winning the league title will be an additional incentive for us to do more and to confirm our strength that we are the most deserving of winning local titles.”

The final match of the Iraq Cup Championship will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8:00 pm Baghdad and Doha time, at Al-Shaab International Stadium.

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