Petkovic’s “unhappy” team arouses the discontent of the Algerian fans

The Algerian fans expressed their great anger and discontent after losing against Guinea, on Thursday, with a score of (1-2) in the third round of the seventh round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The Algerian national team, or the team of coach Vladimir Petkovic, appeared with a miserable, dull face, without spirit, while presenting a very modest level in all collective, individual, technical and tactical aspects, which raised a lot of astonishment and question marks among the “Greens” fans.

National team fans criticizedDesert warriors“The performance shown by the team led by coach Petkovic, and they did not understand the way it fell on the field against the Guinean national team, which is the first competitor of the “Greens” to obtain the visa to qualify for the 2026 World Cup.

The Algerian fans are dissatisfied with coach Petkovic

The Algerian fans seemed dissatisfied with the miserable face displayed by coach Petkovic’s team, which cost them the loss against Guinea, and they took advantage of social networking sites to express their anger and dissatisfaction with the level in which the “Greens” appeared.

One fan wrote: “I hope I am wrong. We are now in the process of demolishing the national team.” Another supporter added: “A tactically limited coach. The defeat was caused by Petkovic’s technical and tactical choices.”

Another fan criticized coach Petkovic and his players after the loss against Guinea, and wrote: “An unexpected loss at home against Guinea and a miserable failure for Petkovic in the first official test with the national team, the first defeat in Playoffs “It deprives the national team of being the leader and expands the ambitions of the Guinea national team and the rest.”

A fan blamed those responsible for Algerian football for the resounding loss against Guinea, and wrote: “Sad for the loss of the national team, but I am not surprised at all, as this result is logical. When you see the surroundings of the team and those who manage Algerian football, it is as if you see wolves and a lack of good intentions.”

The Algerian fans seemed shocked by the loss at home to the Guinean team, and many of them remembered the historic loss that the “Greens” suffered with a score of (0-2) against the same competitor in the historic “5 of July” stadium, which cost them at the time not to participate in the 2008 African Cup of Nations. .

For reference, the Algerian national team, after its defeat on Thursday against Guinea, will play next Monday at Uganda Stadium in Round 4 of the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup scheduled to be held in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

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