Petkovic reveals the secrets of Algeria’s victory over Uganda and his advice to the players

Coach Vladimir Petkovic praised Algeria’s victory over Uganda, with a score of two goals to one, at the Mandela National Stadium in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, for the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, thus topping Group Seven with 9 points, and recovering from its loss in the last round against Guinea in Algeria.

Phase “The greensToday, Monday, June 10, they defeated the Uganda national team with two goals to one, scored by Houssem Aouar and Said Benrahma in the 46th and 58th minutes respectively, after suffering an unexpected loss in the last round against Guinea in Algeria by two goals to one. The 2026 World Cup qualifiers will not resume on the continent. Africa before March next year.

During this period, the Algerian national team will face the Botswana national team in Gaborone in the fifth round of the World Cup qualifiers, before hosting the Mozambique national team.

Vladimir Petkovic admits defensive mistakes

The Algeria national team coach admitted, during the press conference he held after the end of the Uganda match, that the problem of fatal defensive errors was repeated, which cost the “Greens” conceding silly goals during the matches between Guinea and Uganda, indicating the necessity of working a lot in this regard to correct the situation.

The Swiss coach said: “If you look at the first half of the Guinea match and the first half of the Uganda match as well, you will think that the players have never played together before.” He explained: “Whenever we make a mistake, we concede a goal,” and added: “When we make two mistakes or Three: We must not say that the playing system or style we adopted was wrong.”

He continued: “We must learn and draw lessons from every match we play, like today’s match, from which we will benefit a lot.” He explained: “During the match against Uganda, some changes were made compared to the match against Guinea, about 5 changes,” and he added: “Good luck was on our side this time, especially We focused on the need to benefit from the physical condition of some players who did not participate in the Guinea match.”

Petkovic reveals the secret of Algeria’s victory in the second half

The Swiss coach continued his talk by revealing the secret of Algeria’s victory in the second stage of the Uganda match, and turning the defeat in the first half with a goal into a victory by two, and he said in this regard: “Between half-time I asked the players to forget what happened in the first half. We spoke well and asked them to Errors were corrected and performance was much better.”

He added: “It was important for everyone to forget what happened in the first half and provide a strong reaction in the second half, and when we succeeded in that (reaction), our technical quality made the difference in the match.” He stressed: “We work a lot on the mental side, so sometimes we succeed.” Other times we are not lucky,” before congratulating his players, saying: “I thank the players for their response in the second half. The important thing was to win the match, and it came against a team that had the same points tally as us before the match.”

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Petkovic stressed the need to draw lessons from the confrontations between Guinea and Uganda, as he stated: “It must also be recognized that the match that we lost against Guinea we were able to win. In any case, we benefited from that confrontation,” and he added: “There is quality in the reaction and ability.” “The players do their best when things are not going well.”

He added: “I spoke with the players after the match and stressed to them how important our victory against Uganda was, especially since we will not play any match in the World Cup qualifiers before next March, and this is important from a moral standpoint,” before highlighting the need to be humble and focused in the confrontations. remaining.

For reference, Algeria’s victory over Uganda kept it in first place in its seventh group within World Cup qualifiers With 9 points, with a goal difference from the Mozambique national team, which has the same balance of points, it ranks second.

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