Petkovic reveals the mistakes of his players and warns them of the “danger” of Uganda

Revealing a private source for the websitewin win“Vladimir Petkovic, coach of the Algerian national team, programmed a video session in the presence of his players one day before their confrontation with Uganda in the fourth round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

The Algerian national team and its Ugandan host will meet tomorrow, Monday, at Nelson Mandela Stadium in the capital, Kampala, just a few days after the “Greens” team lost at home and among its fans with a score of (1-2) to Guinea in the third round of the tournament. World Cup qualifiers.

The Algerian national team aspires to return with victory from its move to Uganda in order to return to the path of victories in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, and to maintain the lead in Group 7, which it currently occupies with 6 points, with a goal difference from the teams of Guinea, Uganda and Mozambique, which have the same number of points.

Petkovic identifies his players’ mistakes and warns them of Uganda’s strength

A website source reported:win win“Petkovic, the coach of the Algeria national team, held a video session in the presence of his players, in which he showed them the mistakes they committed against Guinea, and also instructed them to perform well in the important match against Uganda.

In this video session, the “Greens” coach analyzed the last match that the “Greens” team won.Cranes“Uganda scored (1-0) against Botswana in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, and warned them of the danger of the wing players, who represent a strength for the Ugandan national team.

The Swiss coach gave instructions to the Algerian national team attackers to quickly return to recover the ball after missing it, and to avoid the mistake they made against Guinea by not returning quickly in the defensive rebound.

Petkovic's numbers in World Cup qualifiers

The “Greens” coach stressed the need for his players to make great efforts to recover the ball quickly, and not give the Ugandan competitor the opportunity to play comfortably as was the case in the confrontation against Guinea. He also called on them to enter strongly in duels, be disciplined on the pitch, and make a strong reaction against… Uganda.

As a reminder, coach Petkovic took over the task of coaching the Algerian national team last March with a contract extending until 2026, and has led them so far in 3 matches, where they won the first friendly match against Bolivia (3-2), and then tied in a friendly match against South Africa (3). -3), while the team was exposed to “Desert warriors“For the loss in the first official match under the leadership of the Swiss coach (1-2) against Guinea.

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