Petkovic is shocked and “stuns” his players to compensate against Uganda

A private source confirmed to the website:win win“Vladimir Petkovic, the coach of the Algerian national team, felt a great shock after the loss.”The greensAgainst Guinea, this was evident in front of his players in the changing rooms at Nelson Mandela Stadium.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Algerian national team lost 1-2 to its host Guinea in the third round of the seventh group of qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup scheduled to be held in the United States of America, Canada and Mexico.

Despite the loss, the Algerian team still maintains the lead in Group Seven with 6 points, but by goal difference from the teams of Guinea, Mozambique and Uganda, who also raised their score to 6 points after their victory in the third round matches.

Petkovic is shocked after Guinea’s loss and charges his players to victory against Uganda

A website source explained:win winPekovic was shocked after the loss against Guinea, because he did not expect this defeat at all. He also seemed angry after falling at Nelson Mandela Stadium in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, but he refused to appear in this state in front of his players.

The same source indicated that the Swiss coach thanked his players and tried to raise their morale before the next qualifying match against Uganda, and also asked them to forget the loss against Guinea, despite his blaming them inside the changing rooms for not implementing his instructions, and allowing the competitor to achieve victory from two or three opportunities he had in the match. the match.

A source stated:win winToday, Friday, the Algerian national team conducted a video session in which the coach reviewed all the mistakes committed by his players against the Guinean national team, especially with regard to their failure to perform defensive roles and leaving spaces for the opponent.

The Algerian national team suffers a painful blow before meeting Uganda

At the end of the session, the Swiss coach charged his players to achieve victory in the next round of qualifiers against UgandaThe “Greens” players and members of the technical staff agreed on the need to return with the three points from their trip to the capital, “Kampala.”

It is worth noting that coach Petkovic has led the Algerian national team so far in 3 matches, including two friendly matches, where they won against Bolivia and tied against South Africa, while they lost in their first official match against Guinea, awaiting what the “Greens” team will achieve under his leadership in The match against Uganda, next Monday, in round 4 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

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