Petkovic gave Uganda the ball and took the three points

In the second half, or the “coaches’ half” – as it is called, Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic outperformed his Belgian teammate Bot Bol, coach of the Ugandan team, and played a major role in the return of the “Greens” with victory and the three points from the capital, Kampala, with a score of (1-2) in the qualifiers. World Cup 2026.

The Algerian national team overturned a deficit of 1-0 during the first half of its match against…CranesUganda won 2-1 during the second half, a victory in which the touch of the Swiss coach was clearly evident.

Algeria national team “Ghost”

In the first half of their match against Uganda, the Algerian national team presented one of its worst performances in recent years, as coach Petkovic’s players appeared lacking in spirit, will, or determination, and they lacked the “grinta” required in this type of match.

“It was a takeover.”The greens“The ball was negative without posing any danger to the opponent. The biggest disaster is that this possession was punctuated by many missed balls for the Algerian national team players, the most notable of which was defender Issa Mandi’s bad pass to his teammate Mohamed Amin Madani, which was missed by the latter, resulting in the Ugandan national team’s goal.

The Algerian national team was like a ghost, present – body without soul – on the floor of the “Nelson Mandela” stadium in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. It did not make any significant reaction after receiving the goal, and its players entered a state of loss, and their performance was characterized by randomness and separation of the lines, with an absence of focus and calm. , and repetition of primitive errors.

With the exception of striker Said Benrahma’s shot in the first minute of stoppage time in the first half, which hit the Ugandan goalkeeper’s left post, the Algerian national team did not pose any threat to the opponent’s defense in the face of the confusion of its players, and with them their coach Petkovic, who did not succeed in finding solutions.

Petkovic gives Pol Pot the ball and takes the three points

At the beginning of the second half, the face of the Algerian national team changed, as if the mask had fallen from the faces of its players, and they appeared with a different face, containing a lot of will, courage and courage. The first goal shot in which the right-back Youssef Atal snatched the ball from the opponent, and his contribution to Houssem Aouar’s scoring of the goal is the greatest evidence of his… that.

It seems that Petkovic learned the lesson of the first half, and understood that playing in the “jungle of Africa” does not require possession of the ball, but rather victory and nothing else more than that, after the Swiss coach changed his playing strategy based on possession in the first half to direct play. And relying on quick offensive transitions in the second half.

The Algerian team’s possession of the ball reached 59% in the first half, compared to 41% for the opponent, but this possession percentage decreased in the second half and became 56% for the “Greens” compared to 44% For the Ugandan national team, which shows that Petkovic gave the ball more to Ugandan coach Pol Pot in the second half and took the three points from him, benefiting from the improvement of his players on the defensive level, and their launching of counter-attacks, one of which resulted in scoring the second goal through Saeed Benrahma, with Playing directly in the back of the opponent’s players.

Petkovic employs a 3-4-3 formation for the first time with Algeria

Before coming to coach the Algerian national team, coach Petkovic was known for employing the 3-4-3 and 3-5-2 plans with the Swiss national team, but he did not apply them with the “Greens” since supervising them last March, when he played with a 4-4-2 plan against… Bolivia and 4-2-3-1 against South Africa and 4-3-3 against Guinea.

The Algerian national team overcame a deficit in the result to win against Uganda

In a match today, Monday, against Uganda, the Swiss coach played with a 4-3-3 plan at the beginning of the match, but he ended it with a 3-4-3 tactical plan after removing midfielder Ismail Bennacer in the 86th minute and introducing defender Zinedine Belaid. Thus, the Algerian national team plays with three central defenders, namely Belaid, Issa Mandi, and Mohamed Amin Madani.

It is noteworthy that coach Petkovic has led the Algerian national team in 4 matches so far, winning two of them against Bolivia and Uganda, drawing against South Africa and losing to Guinea.

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