Petkovic gave Guinea the keys to victory before kick-off

The Algerian national team suffered an unexpected loss against its guest, the Guinean national team, by two goals to one, in the third round of the tournament. Africa World Cup qualifiers 2026, thus inflicting Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic on his first defeat at the helm of the Desert Warriors.

The Guinea match was the third for the new coach of the Algerian national team, after last March they won over Bolivia (3-2) and tied with South Africa (3-3) in an international friendly tournament held in Algeria. But it can be said that Djamel Belmadi’s successor failed with an “excellent” grade in the first official test for the World Cup in America, Mexico and Canada.

No team was presented The greens Anything could intercede for him to win points in the match, despite the advantage of receiving at home and in front of his large fans who had gathered in the stands for hours. Solutions were absent and the coach’s touch was not successful in the second half, despite making 5 complete changes.

It can be said that the greatest responsibility for the loss of the Algerian national team is borne by coach Petkovic, and part of it is borne by the players, who have not yet recovered from the successive shocks they have experienced in the recent period, including the early exit from the African Cup of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire, and before that the shock of not qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

Petkovic chose the wrong formation against Guinea

The Greens coach relied on an “unbalanced” lineup, and it became clear that he did not know the level of his players well. For example, he left… Ismail bin Nasser In the reserve bench, he is the player who has been the most prominent element in the Algerian national team’s plans since 2019, but Petkovic had another opinion and decided to rely on two midfielders, Nabil Bentaleb and Ramez Zerrougui.

The duo of Bentaleb and Zerrougui never succeeded in the Algerian national team during the past years under the leadership of Belmadi, and even in the Swiss coach’s first friendly match against Bolivia, it did not succeed, as chaos prevailed at that time in the middle of the field, before the situation changed in the second half after Bentaleb left and Ahmed Guendoussi entered, The latter remains today in the reserve bench as well.

The midfield in such matches is considered the most important weapon in order to gain points. But the Guinean players had the upper hand throughout the confrontation, and they succeeded in seizing space and breaking most of the Algerian team’s attacks, especially in the first half of the match, where the Greens were unable to create good scoring opportunities, and it appeared as if they were shackled and unable to reach the opponent’s penalty area.

Petkovic’s mistakes went beyond the midfield to the attacking line, as he fielded 4 players with purely offensive qualities. But he did not employ them well and put them in uncomfortable positions. They are Yassine Brahimi, who was a shadow of himself and did not offer anything significant to leave in the 59th minute. This is the case with Yassine Benzia, who seemed lost on the pitch and did not know the position he occupied throughout the match to accompany the Al-Gharafa player off the pitch. .

The Greens coach relied on Amine Gouiri as a centre-forward since the beginning of the match, which is something that the Stade Rennes player does not do well, as he prefers to play behind the striker and on the left wing. He previously participated as a centre-forward in the Belmadi era and did not offer anything significant. While Saeed Benrahma confirmed for the umpteenth time that he is a club player and not a national team player, even though his national team’s only goal came after a shot from him that was accidentally completed by a Guinea defender into his own net.

Poor defensive organization and a disastrous goalkeeper!

As was the case in the friendly matches between Bolivia and South Africa in coach Petkovic’s first camp, when the Greens conceded 5 full goals, the Algerian defense continued to appear pale against a modest team on the African stage, but spaces appeared in the second half due to serious errors in positioning and coverage.

The duo of Issa Mandi and Mohamed Amin Tugay no longer meets demand. Both players suffer from heavy movement and poor positioning inside the penalty area, and this is what became clear in the shot of the first goal, where the ball reached Murray Sela in the middle of a forest of legs, before he succeeded in defeating goalkeeper Anthony Mandria easily. .

The Algeria-Guinea match ends in favor of the national elephant (Facebook/Feguifootofficiel) One Win winwin

If the Algerian goalkeeper does not bear responsibility for the first goal, then he certainly bears responsibility for the second goal, which came via a shot by Aguibo Camara from an almost dead angle. The Cannes goalkeeper did not handle the ball well, even though it was not that strong, but Gouiri bears part of the goal. It was also his responsibility, as he let the scorer shoot freely without completely pressuring him.

Petkovic’s changes were not well thought out

The Algerian national team scored a quick goal in the second half at the 50th minute. But the Greens’ reaction was strong and they succeeded in adjusting the score with an own goal in the 52nd minute, and while Petkovic had to move in order to adjust the strings and score the lead goal, Mandria conceded a second goal in the 63rd minute.

After that, the Swiss coach did not move a muscle and kept the same players until the 80th minute. What is strange is that his changes were defensive, and instead of involving midfielders or an additional striker to put pressure on the Guinean defense, he resorted to the two full-backs Joan Hajam and Kevin Guiton in exchange for removing the winger Benrahma and the full-back. Right: Youssef Atal.

It seems that Petkovic realized the failure of the double between Bentaleb and Zerrogui very late, and the latter was removed in the 84th minute, against the inclusion of the center forward, Moncef Bekrar. The latter did not touch almost any ball, especially since his position on the field was not understood due to the chaos in which the confrontation ended. Due to poor organization or poor application of the coach’s instructions!

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