Paul Pogba refuses to give up and looks forward to a strong return to the pitch

Frenchman Paul Pogba confirmed that he is not thinking about ending his football career at the present time, despite being forced away from the stadiums due to his suspension by the Italian judiciary, indicating that he is looking forward to achieving a strong return after the end of the penalty period.

Pogba was handed a four-year ban in late February 2024 by an Italian court, after testing positive for excess testosterone in his system following a random doping test following Juventus’ Champions League match against Udinese in the first round of the competition. Italian Leauge 2023-24.

Paul Pogba requested another sample to be tested, but the sample proved that the star had taken the drug. Juventus The banned substance, so the case was referred to the Italian anti-doping court, which did not tolerate the French national team star in the 2022 World Cup.

Paul Pogba excited to make a strong comeback

The 31-year-old French star confirmed that he still considers himself a footballer, saying in statements to Sky Sports: “I am still a footballer. Don’t look at those things that say I will retire, or I am finished.. I want to fight for my career, I am optimistic.”

Pogba refuses to give up and wants to return to the pitch

The Juventus player indicated in his statements that he rejects the idea of ​​ending his football career, saying: “I am not finished yet. I train hard and I am still a 100% football player. I cannot wait to get back on the field.”

Despite the statements made by the player confirming his enthusiasm to play football again, the reality may be more difficult if his sentence is not reduced, as he will reach the age of 35 after completing his sentence, which makes it difficult for him to maintain his physical fitness.

Paul Pogba is still a Juventus player, with his contract running until the summer of 2026, and the Italian club has not yet terminated his contract, although many reports have previously indicated that it is considering doing so in order to avoid paying the player’s salaries.

Frenchman Paul Pogba, the suspended star of Italian club Juventus

On the other hand, experts agreed that Pogba’s absence from the European Nations Cup currently taking place in Europe has lost French national team His balance in the midfield, where the Juventus star played a major role in the brilliance of the Roosters during major tournaments in recent years, especially in the 2022 World Cup, where he was one of the stars of that tournament.

Despite his absence from his country’s squad for the Euro, Pogba attended the France-Belgium match that took place yesterday, Tuesday, for the round of 16, where he cheered on his former teammates from the stands, and celebrated with the fans reaching the quarter-finals.

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