Parking the bus and waiting is the secret behind the tense relationship between Mahrez and Al-Ahly coach

A special source revealed to “winwin” that the reason for the tension in the relationship between the Algerian international, Riyad Mahrez, the star of the Saudi Al-Ahly club, and his German coach, Matthias Jaesle, is mainly due to the Algerian star’s objection to the German coach’s football philosophy and his defensive and conservative way of playing, which directly affected his performance. Mahrez, which led to him being subjected to harsh criticism for not repeating the levels he is known for in the English Premier League.

Al-Ahly’s last match took place in… Saudi League In front of Al-Shabab Club (2-1), for the 31st week, Riyad Mahrez protested against Yaisla after the latter decided to replace him in the 77th minute of the confrontation, a move that was repeated on many occasions between the two men. A video also spread during the Al-Ahly and Al-Hilal confrontation earlier, in which it appears. Mahrez expressed his dissatisfaction with the way his team played in a conversation with Yasla.

Mahrez is dissatisfied with Jaisle’s choices and tactical ideas

“A source confirmed”win win“What is special is that the previous speculations and conjectures regarding the problem of Mahrez and Yasla are real, pointing out that Mahrez and some of the Al-Ahly club players are dissatisfied with their coach’s training ideas, which – according to them – affected the team’s results and the performance of their most prominent stars, led by Riyad Mahrez, despite the amazing numbers he recorded with him. Al-Ahly this season, as the Algerian international believes – according to the same source – that he would have been able to provide the best if Al-Ahly’s playing style had been with frank offensive ideas.

Jaisle is known as a coach who focuses on the defensive side a lot, direct play, and quick rebounds when in possession of the ball. He was also famous for it when he was coach of the Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg, all of which directly affected the performance of Mahrez, who was accustomed to a completely different way of playing with Manchester City. The Englishman, and his technical skills are not compatible with this football philosophy.

Mahrez always struggles when it comes to defending

Riyad Mahrez always suffered whenever it came to playing defensive roles, whether when he was playing with Manchester City in England or when he was with the Algerian national team. During his period with Man City under the supervision of coach Pep Guardiola, the latter criticized many times the Algerian international’s neglect of his defensive roles. , which was a direct reason at times for him losing his primary position. But City’s philosophy, based on possession and attacking play, was dominant and contributed to the Algerian star’s brilliance.

From Algerian Riyad Mahrez’s participation in his Al-Ahly team’s match against Al-Shabab in the Saudi League (X/ALAHLI_FC) One Win winwin

On the other hand, Mahrez was subjected to a lot of criticism in the Algerian national team due to his lack of participation in the defensive work, but this was limited to the media and the fans, because Jamal Belmadi used to defend and support him every time, and the way Al-Ahly played against the top Saudi league was proven, similar to Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal, the point of view of Riyad Mahrez, who is pressuring Al-Ahly management to change the coach next season.

The numbers do justice to Mahrez, despite Yasla’s ideas

On the other hand, despite the criticism that Mahrez was subjected to and his dissatisfaction with the way Al-Ahly played, the numbers he recorded this season remain very good, and he is considered the best in the club among his other teammates and even among the most prominent stars of the Saudi League as a whole, as he is the second best scorer in the club (10 goals). He is also the best passer with 12 assists, meaning he contributed to scoring (22 goals).

In addition, the global “Sofa Score” platform revealed that Mahrez is the one who shoots on goal the most in the Saudi League with (75) completed shots, the most chance creators with (89) good scoring chances, and the most dangerous chances created (21), which are the numbers that… It made him get the highest rating from the “SofaScore” platform with 7.75 out of 10, and confirms that his season with “Al-Raqi” was not bad.

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