Osama Al-Shuraimi, the star of the Libyan national team, reveals the truth about professional performances

Osama Al-Shuraimi, the star of the Libyan national football team, spoke about the reality of the offers he received in the recent period, after reports of interest from some European clubs to contract with him during the upcoming summer transfer period.

The talented Al-Shuraimi (23 years old) succeeded in proving himself early in the squad of the national team and the Al-Suwaihli club during this season 2023-24, where he was able to reserve a key position in the squad of Tunisian coach Osama Jabal, and contributed to his team qualifying for the Hexa team for the stage of crowning the Libyan Premier League title.

Osama Al-Shuraimi said in a statement to the website:win win“My focus currently is with Al-Suwaihli. We have a six-placed trophy and we are seeking to compete for the league title, as the competition between the qualified teams will be difficult for everyone, and if there are offers for professionalism, everyone will know about them.”

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Al-Shuraimi: My dream is to professionalize in Europe

He continued: “My dream is like the dream of all players, which is to become a professional through Al-Suwaihli Club, outside the Libyan League, specifically in Europe. Until this moment, I have not officially received any offers to play there.”

Regarding the fighting spirit he exhibits on the field during matches, Al-Shuraimi said: “I do everything in my power for the sake of the team and the audience, and my thoughts on the field are focused on helping Al-Suwaihli win only.”

Osama Al-Shuraimi: Our goal is to win against Mauritius

Al-Shuraimi, the Libyan national team midfielder, spoke about the “Knights of the Mediterranean” match against Mauritius, which will be held on Thursday, at the Benina Stadium in the city of Benghazi, for the third round of the fourth group, within the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

Osama Al-Shuraimi said: “We are ready for the match in order to win, and to remain among the top teams in the group… The team’s ranks are complete, and there are no absences. We hope that the stands of Benina Stadium on the day of the match will also be crowded with fans who represent the 12th player for us.”

The Libyan national team occupies third place in the group standings with 4 points, with a goal difference from the leading Cameroon team and the second Cape Verdean team, as it achieved a victory over Eswatini with a single goal away from home, and a draw at home against Cameroon.

Osama Al-Shuraimi is expected to be a key player in the Libyan national team’s roster, which will play against Mauritius and Cape Verde on June 6 and 15, in the third and fourth rounds of Group Four, within the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

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