Organized by SportDS.. Mahadin launches the “Our Neighborhood League” project in Jordan

Sport Development Solutions for Sports Marketing and Management Consulting Services, SportDS, launched the “Our Neighborhood League” initiative, which is a league soccer Dedicated to the buds and cubs category, it will be launched in Jordan during the period from June 28 to August 9, with the launch of the character (Wissam), the accredited ambassador of the Haretna League.

The launch of the Haretna League came during the press conference held at the Zain Creativity Platform in the Business Park, in the presence of a group of journalists, media figures, Minister of Youth Muhammad Al-Nabulsi, Marwan Juma, Vice President of the Jordanian Football Association, and representatives of the companies sponsoring the league, in addition to representatives of some academies and football stars. Jordanian.

This tournament – whose launch coincided with Jordan’s celebrations of national holidays – is unique in that it targets ages 9-10 and 11-12 years, and what distinguishes this league is the ability for any coach, physical education teacher, or parent to form a team and join the league.

Our neighborhood league…the neighborhoods are the starting point for talent

Media personality Muhannad Mahadin, CEO of SportDS and Najm, expressed this Jordan national team The former and the Al-Faisaly team said that this non-profit initiative was designed to emulate the lanes from which most football talents emerged and became bright stars in our Jordanian football.

Mahadin added that the popularity of the game has grown over many decades following Arab and Asian achievements recorded by generations throughout history, and each of the Jordanian stars has his own experience and story from childhood in the neighborhood until they became stars when they grew up, and they became inspiring with their determination and skills to the younger generations who must be provided with the opportunity from a young age.

Mahadin pointed out that Jordan is full of talented youth who seek the opportunity to play the game in better conditions, and to provide fun competition for this age group, so the idea of ​​designing the Haretna League for children came up as a new sports platform to restore the concept of the Haretna, its league, and its echo, which we lost in a safe and fun atmosphere. Which will be followed by scouts and coaches.

The Crown Prince of Jordan stimulates morale "starchy" By participating in their training (Facebook/Jordan Football Association) winwin

The Haretna League was designed to accommodate the participation of 64 teams from both age groups, with a total of 704 players and 64 coaches supervising their teams, in addition to managing 184 matches during the summer vacation. Applications to participate in the league are submitted to either category.

Launching the character “Wissam”

During the press conference, the character of “Wissam” was launched, who is the approved ambassador and spokesman for the Haretna League competition. Wissam is a lively boy with a crown of dark curly hair, full of enthusiasm on the football field. His expressive and determined eyes reflect his love for the game, and his permanent smile radiates joy.

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