One condition makes the Iraqi league similar to La Liga

The director of Ishtar Company, the exclusive broadcaster of the Iraqi League matches, Muhammad Hijel, set one condition for the television broadcast of the Iraqi League matches to be similar to the broadcast of the Spanish League “La Liga”.

The television broadcast of the Iraqi League is witnessing continuous development with the name of the tournament changing from the Premier League to the Iraqi Stars League.

Hegel said on his official Facebook account: “The Iraqi Premier League will witness a boom in the field of graphics next season, and we have started it now. When the manufacturing of all the new imported equipment is completed, the work environment will be suitable and stable for the cadres, which will be reflected in the production and its beauty.”

He added: “The replay shots, according to the new technologies, will be tight and the percentage of vibrations in the cameras during filming will decrease, which sometimes occurs due to the weight of the cameras and the new large lenses, with the small size of the old stabilizers that currently carry them in some systems, not all of them. There may be a spider camera in 72 matches of the Iraqi Premier League Championship.”

He said: “The production of the Iraqi League will witness the manufacture of new large vehicles to be able to cover the league without confusion, and the production team will sit in them comfortably and their voice communication will be ideal to achieve the highest harmony in the work. Also, the cameras will arrive after their production is completed, which will contribute to increasing the number of cameras, and we are waiting for the improvement of the lighting of the stadiums and floors to reach the level of broadcasting the Spanish League.”

The Iraqi classic between Al-Zawraa and Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya witnessed the use of about 29 cameras that broadcast the match for the first time in the country’s history. The spider camera was also used, which entered Iraqi stadiums for the first time.

The President of the Iraqi Federation pointed out Adnan DarjalToday’s match will be a preliminary match for the Iraqi Premier League next season.

President of the Iraqi Football Association "Adnan Darjal (winwin)

Darjal stressed: “The classic match between Al-Zawraa and Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya was produced in a distinctive way to be different from the rest of the matches. We have a great desire to continue the journey of success of the Iraqi league in a way that is equal to the advanced leagues in the region and the continent, and in a way that serves the Iraqi teams in their international entitlements.”

It is worth noting that the Iraqi Premier League has currently reached its 37th round, with Al-Shorta leading the overall standings with 81 points, just 3 points ahead of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya.

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